We had a surprise birthday last sunday at Rikky’z in Faqra at lunch time and i must say it was a lot of fun and very different from what i was expecting. I had never been to that place before but i knew it was a nice place overlooking Faraya that had open BBQ and drinks and a nice atmosphere. What i did not see coming is that i was practically going to a party but in day time.

The place is right before the Faqra club and is very easy to get to. You have to give you car away (Valet Parking of course) and pay a 30$ entrance fee that includes open food and drinks and a free sombrero. You get in a wooden house and head toward a large terrace where there are lots of tiny tables, just like any night club, a bar and very loud music. The sun is a killer so you will need your sombrero.

The party picks up bit by bit and around 2 pm, food is served in a buffet. You have salads inside and a large grill outside. Food wasn’t that great to be honest but just like night clubs, you don’t expect it to be good but don’t really care as the whole atmosphere is nice.

Then it’s all crazy dancing and drinking just like any other night club. Some girls have swimming suits to get a good tan and some of the guys don’t hesitate to take off their shirts. My only problem is the heat and for that matter, every now and then, they spray water all over the crowds.

Overall, it was a fun day and i would definitely do it again but make sure i eat somewhere else before. Le Montagnou in Faraya is a great place to eat and is nearby, but it’s more of a winter restaurant. El Balad restaurant on the other hand is an excellent choice and is few meters before Rikkyz too.