Secret Walls is basically the “fight club of the art scene” where artists compete with black paint and markers for 90 minutes. It was brought to Beirut last year and rounds are being organized regularly at different venues. The next head-to-head fight took place at Behind The Green Door in Mar Mikhael.

All artists are more than welcome to join in and you can follow updates on [Secret Walls X Beirut’s] Facebook page.

Meet Secret Walls X Beirut. It’s a “fight club of the arts,” with a live art battle that happens over a 90-minute round. Secret Walls was born in a London pub, and has since spread across the globe. Chady Abousleiman aka Chad the Mad brought it to Beirut last year, and it is rightly flourishing in the city.

Essentially, two artists, without making prior sketches, freestyle a piece of art using only black markers and acrylic paint. 90 minutes may seem like a long time, but it goes by so quickly, and it’s truly amazing to see art come to life as you sit in a bar sipping on a drink. It really made me appreciate the talent that it takes to do something like that. [Source]


PS: Inspired From Melissa Tabeek’s post.