The weather is so damn hot these days that I am trying to avoid the city and am going uphill towards Ajaltoun and Faraya.

Last day, we were in Klayaat and I thought I try Adib’s Shawarma, which is supposed to be really good. The place offers two sizes, the regular one and the Malik-el-Taouk-like one which is huge. (See below picture)

I honestly didn’t like both meat and chicken Shawarmas at all and the place looked really dirty. On top of that, it’s very expensive as each regular Shawarma costs 6000 LL.

We really need some decent Shawarma places in Lebanon because the only one with a good Shawarma that I know of is Boubouffe.

I used to like el Karkour in Jounieh but it closed few years back.