The garbage crisis is still ongoing just in case anyone’s wondering, and while we were all distracted by the elections, garbage is still piling up and being dumped into the Mediterranean. However, there are still people trying to make a change and working hard to promote recycling and encouraging households to sign up and do something to fight the corruption and incompetence in Lebanon.

Recycle Beirut will be collecting recycling from over 10,000 homes and offices this month only and more and more are joining. It’s a really simple process and all you have to do is recycle at home and they will come to pick up the recyclables from your home or office.

Here are the steps to follow:
1- Sign up [here].
2- Recycle Beirut will come and pick up the recyclables from your home or office.
3- They take the garbage to their warehouses to sort and package them.
4- They’re sent to recycling factories.

They collect everything from plastic, metal, nylon, glass, metal, electronics, and old clothes and charge $10 per pickup.