ICRC shared few days ago a powerful video aimed at shedding lights on health workers and hospitals being attached in war zones. The video entitled “Why We Can’t Save Her Life” shows a father driving his dying daughter to a nearby hospital only to find out that the hospital was bombed.

From May 2016 to today, the ICRC has registered in 16 countries alone over 1,200 incidents of violence against health-care facilities or personnel. More than half of Syria’s public hospitals and health-care centres are closed or only partially functioning and only 45% of Yemen’s health infrastructure was functioning at the end of 2017. [ICRC]

The video appears to be shot somewhere in Lebanon, probably in the Bekaa area. Fortunately for us, we’re not at war and there are no reports of hospitals getting bombed here 😊

ICRC – Why We Can't Save Her Life from Clandestino Films on Vimeo.