Note: This post was written by my younger brother Chadi [@LeMitri].

Over the last two years, the winter season has not brought us a lot of snow and the ski resorts were able to open a combined period of 2 to 3 weeks. Since the first weekend of 2016 until today the slopes have been open for business. I have had my share of trips to Laqlouq and Kfardebian, and I am happy that there is time for even more.

For those of you who are not familiar with the ski resorts and prices, here is a quick comparison between the main four ski resorts in Lebanon, including ticket prices, distance to get there and rental prices:

faraya arz

zaarour laqlouq [Source:]

As far as rentals are concerned:


A small piece of advice:
If you are able to take days off, I highly recommend that you hit the slopes on week days because weekends are being really busy and the resorts are packed. Otherwise, make sure to get there really early. Last Tuesday (Mar Maroun holiday) and last weekend were so busy that they almost ran out of tickets in Mzaar, not to mention that it took people an extra hour to get there.

weather Bad weather for skiing this weekend

If you need more information about ski resorts and prices, check out [].