I noticed on my way up to Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday that the snow lofts at the Mzaar’s entrance are almost done. From what I read and heard, Bernard Khoury is the architect behind this project even though I couldn’t find it on his website in the projects section.

The project consists of 10 independent mountain residences located in Faraya San Antonio, Mount Lebanon, 1.600m above sea level. Each villa consists of 5 circular plates of 65m2 each, with a total of 260m2 built up area per unit. Independent terraced gardens define the individual plot of each property allowing for outdoor visitor access in addition to individual vehicular access from the street level provided to each villa independently. The open circular plan layout allow for panoramic views on all preferred orientations at each level.

I wonder how much each loft costs. I say between 750,000 and 1,000,000$.

You can read more about it [Here].