Even with all of the trouble plaguing the country, there’s no shortage of great existing and emerging talent in Lebanon, and I never miss an opportunity to promote these people either through the blog and social media tools or in any other way possible. Unfortunately, a lot of these talents go unnoticed due to the lack of exposure and capital as well as the lack of government incentive. Having said that and in order to help showcase these talents, Stolichnaya kicked off a worldwide campaign last year entitled ORGNL.TV that gave the opportunity for creative individuals to share their talents online and get the exposure they need.

To make things even better this year, the project evolved from last year and is now going after key bloggers and influencers to seek out local original talent and reveal their work whether it’s Art, Music, Fashion, Tech or Taste.

Knowing that I am not usually a fan of online campaigns or competitions, I agreed to get involved in this one because I thought I will be helping, if possible, to promote few local talents to get the proper exposure and who knows maybe let one of them win this thing and make his dream come true.

All you need to do to get into this competition is email me before the end of July and share your work so I can post about it if it’s truly original and creative. A lot of people are already doing that with or without competition so there’s your chance to show your originality to the world.


You can check out samples of entries for each category [Here].

PS: The prize for the most original talent will be at first a major exposure through the highly popular Orgnl.TV website, as well as a trip to a Stoli international event along with the blogger (will share the details once I get them) among other things.