Tamanna is a Lebanese non-profit association that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. They’ve granted 956 wishes since December 2005 and the latest one was giving Charly the opportunity to fly to Spain to watch Barcelona play and meet with Messi and the other players.


I was there at the surprise Le Mall and Tamanna had planned for Charly and it was great to see so many people gathered for this occasion. Even though it’s a small wish, it helps the child and his family go through the difficulties that they are enduring. It could also significantly help the child combat his illness. Any child between 3 and 18 years with a critical illness, living or being treated in Lebanon, is eligible for a wish.Tamanna serves children without regard to nationality, religion, socio-economic, or cultural background. [Tamanna]


I hope I will be able to help Tamanna one day and make someone’s wish come true. Until then, I will keep on praising and sharing on the blog the great work they are pulling. On a last note, such initiatives should help us all remember that despite everything that’s happening in Lebanon, we should take care of each other as a society.

PS: Make sure you watch the whole video. Some of the entertainers have awesome skills.