Teleferique is closing for the next three weeks as they’re planning to replace their main cable with a brand new one after 25 years. The Teleferique was founded in 1965 and links Maameltein to Harissa. It offers one of the best views in Lebanon during the 10-min long ride. I don’t recall any major incidents ever being reported on the Teleferique and to be honest, what really needs a drastic change are the venues around the Teleferique and the way it’s being marketed.

As part of our commitment to give the best experience to our visitors, we are retiring our main cable after 25 years of flawless service. We’ll be closed for about three weeks to replace it with a brand new one. We apologize if we disrupted any travel plans
Stay posted to follow our progress and see photos of the replacement!

I once looked up old views from the Teleferique showing how much Keserwan’s coast has changed over the years. Unfortunately, there’s barely any greenery left on the coast and even in the mountains.