The London 2012 Olympics are in two weeks and it’s time to meet the athletes that will proudly represent Lebanon in four different disciplines. I couldn’t find an official list anywhere and the Olympics website is not yet updated with the official number of participating athletes, however I was able to extract a preliminary list from LOrientLejour:

– Antoine Chartier, President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee
– Tony Khoury, VP
– Izzat Koraytem, Secretary General
– Ziad Richa, Head of the Delegation
– Sélim el-Hage-Nicolas, President of the Lebanese table tennis federation
– Georges Zeidan, President of the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation
– Mohammad Makki, President of the Lebanese Gymnastics Federation
– Francois Saadé, President of the Lebanese Judo Federation
– Samar Younes, Administrative Assistant for the delegation.
– Hassan Mehieddine, Press

– Ziad Choueyri, President of the Federation
– Fady Tannous, Member
– Imad Nahas, Member
– Amjad Badawi, Trainer
– Mona Shaito, Athlete
– Zein Shaito, Athlete

Taekwondo :
– Bassem Aad, Personal Trainer
– Cosette Basbous, Assistant Coach
– Luigina Abi-Samra, Physiotherapist
– Andréa Paoli, Athlete (- 57 kg).

Table Tennis:
– Raffi Moumjoghlian, Trainer & VP of the Federation
– Tvine Moumjoghlian, Athlete.

– Noureddine el-Kouch, Member of the Federation
– Élie Saadé, Trainer & Member of the Federation
– Vahé Ibrahamian, Trainer
– Greta Taslakian, Athlete
– Ahmad Hazer, Athlete

– Adnane Amil, member of the Federation
– Élie Boutros, Trainer
– Katia Bachrouche, Athlete (800 m)
– Waël Kobrosli , Athlete (100 m).

– Roberto Scalzoni, Trainer
– Roger Kasparian, Trainer
– Ray Bassil, Athlete.

– Joseph Tchik, Trainer
– Karen Chammas, Athlete (- 63 kg).

Lebanon has participated 15 times in the Olympic games and won 4 medals overall, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze but never a Gold.

Good luck to our athletes!

Update:LOrient Le jour published yesterday the full Lebanese delegation list. I will update the post accordingly. Thank you Fouad