Had a great time at the Armin Van Buuren concert Saturday at Biel! The atmosphere was amazing, people were just there to have fun and enjoy the music.

The organization of the event was a bit crappy though. All the ads said: “Doors open at 9 pm, and Armin will hit the decks at 10 pm sharp”. Reality: doors opened at 9:45 pm and Armin went on stage at 12:45 am. The hosts and hostesses had to go through printed out Excel sheets to find out exactly in which area everyone was supposed to be. But apart from that I don’t think there were any glitches.
The Lebanese Red Cross was present as well. They were rushing in and out ALL THE TIME. Every couple of minutes, you’d see a crew of 4 or 5 running to the crowd, treating someone and leaving. I didn’t see anyone being taken out on a stretcher though.

The night started off a bit slow. A couple of singers came on stage (don’t know any of them though) and then Armin’s brother played the bass for a couple of minutes and at 12:45 am Armin made his grand entrance. It was really something! Amazing sound system! At one point Sophie Ellis Bextor came on stage as well (At least I think it was her, not very sure). All in all an amazing night. Had to leave at 4 am because I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime!

The section where I was sitting was right next to the door, so there was a breeze all the time, it was cold and people were wearing their jackets… except this guy who thinks everyone wants to see his giant manboobs! Douchebag on 3! 1-2-3 DOUCHEBAG!

Update: Here is a more detailed review of the night. Thanks Rhea for sharing this with us!