It’s Christmas time in Lebanon and the first thing that comes to mind is traffic, whether in malls, shops, in the mountains or on the road. Traffic is already really bad and it will only get worse next week but I have to admit that the cops are actually doing a good job this year in managing traffic.

I’ve been seeing a lot of policemen standing on the side of the highway not allowing cars and especially vans and buses to stop by and it’s actually working. There’s a lot of traffic on the inside roads but things aren’t that bad on the highway especially in Dbayyeh and Dora. Also, people are no longer using their phones that much when they see cops around so cars are moving quicker.

I’m not saying traffic is not bad but they’re being helpful this year. I have a couple of comments though:
– Why are there cops holding machine guns on the road? How will that help traffic? Scare away cars?
– In some places, some cops are parking their cars on the side of the road which is not helping.

We still have a couple of weeks to go and things will go back to normal. I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend to avoid all malls and shopping centers next week.