The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, also known as LADE, is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws.

Knowing that a lot of violations occur during the Lebanese elections (like dead people voting for example), and that the next parliament elections should take place in 6 months time, LADE launched this week a mobile app which will allow citizens to have access to elections-related information, monitor the polls and more importantly register violations and report them to LADE observers.

Throughout this app, LADE observers will be capable of monitoring and registering a larger number of violations thus improving the accuracy of the electoral process and democracy evaluation. Moreover, the violations, once verified, will automatically appear on an interactive map on LADE’s website. Moreover, citizens will have a clearer image of the electoral process, whether in terms of the percentage of participation, the percentage of males vs females in districts etc …

For example, LADE has found out that 18 out of 26 districts in Lebanon have a female majority, and that women form more than half of the voters but their representation is no more than 2% in the parliament. These numbers should incite women to join the electoral battle and get more involved in the political life.

The app is available for download on the [AppStore] and [Android].