Ex-PM Saad Hariri topped the list, followed by Al Jazeera English Middle East based Correspondent Sherine Tadros, Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Lebanese bloggers Imad Bazzi and Mustapha Hamoui, Lebanese Journalist Shada Omar, Journalist and Author of the best selling book ‘Wadi Abou Jamil’ on Jews of Lebanon Nada Abdelsamad, Lebanese news portal Naharnet, Al Jazeera’s Middle East Correspondent Rula Al Amin, and British Ambassador Tom Fletcher.

Here’s the list:
1- Saad Hariri @HaririSaad
2- Sherine Tadros @SherineT
3- Najib Mikati @Najib_Mikati
4- Imad Bazzi @TrellaLB
5- Mustapha Hamoui @BeirutSpring
6- Shada Omar @ShadaOmar
7- Nada Abdelsamad @NadaAbdelSamad
8- Naharnet @Naharnet
9- Rula Al Amin @RulaAmin
10- Tom Fletcher @HMATomFletcher

The list was the result of study done by Portland and constitutes the most the most comprehensive map yet produced of connectivity between influencers across the region. “Portland has analysed the influencers in each country and then ranked them in terms of how many other key tweeters in the Middle East follow them.”

Congrats to Lebanese Bloggers Mustapha from the BeirutSpring and Imad Bazzi from Trella.org!

As for the Top 10 most connected Twitter users in the Middle East, they are as follows:

1- Sultan Al Qassemi @SultanAlQassemi UAE
2- Dima Khatib @Dima_Khatib Qatar
3- Wael Ghonim @Ghonim Egypt
4- Mohamed El Baradei @ElBaradei Egypt
5- HH Sheikh Mohammed @HHSkhMohd UAE
6- Nabeel Rajab @NABEELRAJAB Bahrain
7- Rania Al Abdullah @QueenRania Jordan
8- Khalid AlKhalifa @KhalidalKhalifa Bahrain
9- Maryam Alkhawaja @MARYAMALKHAWAJA Bahrain
10- Turki Al-Dakhil @TurkiAldakhil Saudi Arabia

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