LBC report on the Lebanese Football players involved in match-fixing

Update: Regarding the other players implicated:
– Hadi Al Sahmrani and Mohammad Jaafar were banned for 3 seasons and charged $5000 each.
– Ali Bazzi, Ali Faour, Ahmad Zreik, Hassan Mezher, Abbas Kanaan, Mohammad Hammoud, Mohammad Abou Atik, Hussein Dakik, Samer Zeineddine, Hassan Alawiye, Mohammad Younes, Ali Al Saadi, Omar Owaida, Tarek Ali, Akram el Maghrebi, Nazih Assaad, Bashar el Mokdad, Hussein Charife and Ahmad Younnes were banned for 1 season and charged $2000 each.
– Al Ahed club officials Fadi Fneich and Ali Zanit were banned for life as well. [Source]

Lebanese Football Players Mahmoud Al Ali and Ramez Dyoub were banned for life and charged $15,000 for their involvement in the match-fixing scandal that hit Lebanese Football few months back.

To be honest, $15,000 is a ridiculous punishment for what they’ve done. If it were up to me, I would have thrown them in jail for a year or two and made them pay more along with the lifetime ban. Added to that, early reports indicate tens of players involved, including 9 in the National Team. What happened to the other players implicated in that scandal?

I hope Mahmoud and Ramez didn’t serve as scapegoats.