I witnessed a typical Lebanese fight right next to the Medical Gate at AUB. It had all the typical Lebanese sayings such as: “nzal men el siyyara iza rejjel” (step out of the car if you’re man enough), and “3ashou 3am betzammer??” (Why are you honking?)

So the guy in the black Nissan Sunny was trying to park when the guy in the white cab started to honk. So out of nowhere 3antar(*) steps out of his car and starts cursing at the guy, blocking the road and causing even more traffic than usual. He shouted at the guy in the white car for about a minute. A couple of times, the other guy was just about to step out of the car, but at the last second would change his mind. Maybe it’s because he noticed that 3antar can kick his ass, and decided it would be better for his teeth to just relax.

In the end 3antar parked his car and lived happily ever after.

* – 3antar or Antar is a Lebanese folk hero. Guys who sound like they’re not afraid of anything are referred to as 3antar of Antar