As i posted earlier, i went to see the largest cross in the world that was inaugurated in Qanat Bekish in Lebanon. It took around one hour and a half from Jounieh to get to the Cross. There are two ways you can go:

1- From Bekfaya, head to Baskinta then Qanat Bekish
2- From Faraya head to Faqra and go to Qanat Bekish

I headed to a restaurant called Jar el Amar ( The Moon’s neighbor) with a group of friends. It was packed and needed reservation apparently and it only took the singer one hour to get everyone to dance dabke. After 3 hours of drinking Arak and eating and “Dabkeying”, we headed to the cross.

The cross was beautiful, but too wide in my opinion. Also the view from the site was impressive. I uploaded some pictures that you can see below.

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