I thought i share this story with you in case any of you (god forbid) finds himself in a similar situation.

My friend’s cousin was going back from Gemmayze to Dekwaneh last week around 1 am and he was driving on the Dekwaneh-Achrafieh fast highway when a rock fell on the front of his car. He quickly stopped the car and went down to check out the damages when four guys attacked him and stole his money, not the car though. He fainted for few minutes and had to call himself the ambulance as no one would stop to rescue him. He was hospitalized and hasn’t come out yet.

One would expect less crimes to occur with Ziad Baroud in charge, but criminals are getting creative and there is not much you can do about it except put a police patrol on every road.

While googling car theft in Lebanon, i found this: Grand Theft Auto Beirut