We have to give some credit to the ISF for the way they handle wastas in some places. I luckily had the chance to witness one of their many techniques at the ISF building in Furn el Chebbak where you get your juridical report (“Sejel 3adle”) and i made a small sketch to show you how it’s done.

As you can see below, the main entrance is a door behind the building, very similar to a prison door. You get it and move between concrete, then reach a large rooms with 4 lanes. On the main door of that room, there’s a “No Entry” sign and a closed door guarded by an officer. If you happen to have a wasta, the officer lets you in and you go into the “wasta red line” i drew below and be done in few seconds time.

Now what if you protest?

– You get kicked out of the line.
– You get kicked out of the building.
– You get arrested (if you resist) and thrown in the nearby jail under the Adlieh bridge.