I was out yesterday at Kayan with a friend i haven’t seen in a long while. She had never been to Kayan so i thought i take her there as it’s my favourite pub in Gemmayze by far. The atmosphere is great and the food is just awesome! My favourite is the Salami sandwich and Chahe agrees on that.

Nevertheless, while having drinks, a girl on the nearby table takes a carrot out of our table. Not sure if she was drunk or anything, but it was funny. We just smiled and let go. While ordering the bill, the same girl comes with the bill and two shots on the house. I asked the waiter who’s buying us the shots, he answered that it is the bartender but the girl is a good friend of the owner or something, so she felt free handing us the bill and two tiramisu shots. Weird but fine with me.

I told my friend here that it’s obvious that she’s hitting on either one of us, and it seemed logical that it would be me, not that i am so hot and sexy, but what are the odds of a girl hitting on another girl?

So what to do? We just asked the girl to come join us and asked her if she were to get us shots, who would she send them for? Surprise Surprise! She picked my female friend over me lol ! (Nba3asna)

So i moved closer to the carrot girl and slapped her and told her to get the hell out of my face and she started crying. 2ou3a tsad2o! just kidding! we just paid and left.