I had two regular tickets to Avicii’s concert yesterday but I couldn’t go so I gave them to a friend who was grateful at first but was furious this morning when I called him to see how the concert went. Apparently, the concert, the setup, the sound and video effects and Avicii were great but the organization was very bad whereas he had to wait for more than 2 hours before getting in. He told me some people just threw away their tickets and left. I noticed a lot of angry comments on the Facebook event’s page as well.

I don’t know why people had to wait for so long but from what I’ve heard, the entrance to the regular & teen sections was narrow so people were literally squished there while VIP ticket holders got the huge Biel entrance. Add to that never-ending security checks, Saturday night traffic and people not respecting the queues.

In all cases, someone owes these fans an explanation but I’m glad I didn’t go last night.