Photo Credits: Vice

It looks like MTV has got some serious competition when it comes to giving advice on partying in Lebanon and “reporting” what happens at night clubs in Beirut. [Lebanonfiles] shared a small article entitled “This is what happens at parties … Mingling”! Outrageous isn’t it??? Can you imagine people mingling at parties and dancing with total strangers??

Anyway we are just getting started:

“بل 10 سنوات، كنا اذا أردنا الذهاب الى ملهى ليلي، نبدأ بالتمهيد للأمر قبل أسبوعين أمام الأهل للسماح لنا بالذهاب والعودة قبل منتصف الليل بدقائق”

I used to party 10 years ago and I don’t remember ever coming back before 2 or 3 AM. B018 has been open for over 10 years and we all know the party doesn’t start before 2 AM there. It appears the person who wrote that article min iyyem el Chabacco 😛

“أما اليوم فلا نشاهد إلا شبانا وشابات قاصرين في المرابع والملاهي الليلية يشربون ويثملون ويذهبون كيفما كان.”

OMG minors at night clubs! Yes this is a new trend, I’ve never seen minors at pubs and night clubs in Monot some 15 years ago. I must have been drunk 😛

“صبحت الطاولات في الملاهي الليلية مفروزة بين الشبان والشابات، ومن بعدها وفور انطلاق الرقص والشرب تختلط الطاولات ويرقص هذا مع تلك وتعود الى الفندق تلك مع ذاك”

Goes back to the hotel? what hotel? Are we talking about night clubs or super night clubs here?

“وخصوصا عندما تدخل مجموعة شابات يرتدين قطع قماش صغيرة، والجميع يلاحظ الهجوم الذي يحصل من قبل الشبان عليهن.”

Girls wearing small pieces of clothes? Guys jumping on them? WTF are they talking about? I am trying to visualize that scene in my head and I keep laughing every time.

“فأصبح هم الشبان والشابات التلاقي في الملاهي والشرب حتى الثمالة والاختلاط من بعدها.”

How dare they go to pubs and night to drink and mingle? They should go there to read books and watch National Geographic.

“ي جيلنا، كنا نخشى التحدث مع فتاة او ارسال ورقة لها او القاء التحية احتراما منا لها،”

Send her a NOTE?? Are we talking about the 50s or 60s here? FYI there were strip shows in Beirut back then 😀

Here’s the full [article] if case you were lucky enough not to read it and hurt your eyes.