If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona anytime soon, make sure you drop by Bērytī: a newly open Lebanese bistro run by two adventurous Lebanese girls, Cindy and Pamela. Both were disappointed with Lebanese food places when they visited the Spanish city back in 2013 and jokingly decided to come back and open a true authentic Lebanese bistro.

Fast forward to 2017, both quit their jobs, moved to Barcelona and just went for it! They didn’t speak the language, didn’t know anyone and never managed a restaurant, but they pulled it off and it’s been going great since then. I had a couple of friends drop by in the past weeks and they loved the food and ambiance.

The bistro is located on Travessera de Gracia 228 in Barcelona, not so far from the famous La Rambla street and Sagrada Familia.

You can check out more info on their [website].