The bride is Muslim, the groom is Christian so they decided to replace the cliche Zaffe entrance with a mix of Christian and Muslim hymns while the bride walks a bridge (??) to meet the groom. I have to admit it’s a much better idea than having a Zaffe but isn’t the first Christian hymn a Good Friday hymn? (المسيح قام من بين الأموات). How is that fitting for a joyful wedding entrance song? I hope it’s not the groom who picked it😁

On another note, I think it’s time we come up with an award for the most extravagant Lebanese wedding, if we can call them weddings at this point. I’m really amazed by how much time, money and efforts are being put into weddings these days. It feels more like a competition between wedding planners at this point.

Congrats to the couple 😁