New Year’s Eve is less than 10 days away and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t decide on what to do yet. There are many ways to spend New Year’s Eve, either by renting out a place or chalet with friends, spending the night home or someone’s place or going out.

Personally, we’ve decided this year not to rent any chalet or apartment because we don’t have time to prepare anything and we’d rather go out, party somewhere and just go back home and sleep. It’s not my ideal NYE party but things get busy when you have a kid and barely any days off between Christmas and NYE.

If you didn’t make up your mind yet and wish to party out, I recommend you check this comprehensive list of all events happening on Lebtivity. There are over 100 events to go through with all the necessary information and contact details (and even prices for some).

Enjoy and stay safe!