Picture of the Argentina-Brazil friendly that was also covered by this unfamiliar channel

I was looking forward to watching the opening games of the Euro Cup 2012 on Friday before I realized there were no channels covering it. I called the cable guy who told me he has to pay some 20,000$ to get Al Jazeera channels and that he cannot afford it.

Apparently, those with a CableVision subscription have to pay 20$ to get the channels but those with a regular (illegal) 10 or 15$ subscription have to rely on the cable guy to get the right channels, or simply go out and watch them in cafés. I’ve been planning to get CableVision for a while now but I haven’t had the time yet.

Nevertheless, it took our cable guy less than 24 hours to get us two channels covering the games, M6 and some other channel that broadcasts in a weird language (See Picture Above). Moreover, a friend of mine living in Achrafieh told me today he is getting Jazeera +10 without paying any additional fees (Don’t ask how).

I am not comfortable with this whole illegal cable business anymore and I will switch to Cable Vision as soon as possible.

You can check out CableVision’s website [Here].