If you thought Lebanese tweet a lot, think again. Twitter use is very much on the rise in the Arab world, but we are still way behind Bahrain, UAE, KSA and Kuwait in terms of Twitter Population Penetration and Nbr of Tweets per month. Kuwait leads the way with around 60 million tweets in the month of March only, followed by KSA with 49 million, Egypt with 19 million tweets, UAE with 15M, Bahrain with 8M and Qatar with 5M. Lebanon sent out 2,759,000 tweets in March 2012.

In terms of new Twitter users between September 2011 and March 2012, Lebanon got 26,429 additional users, with a 137% increase. Lebanon stands in fifth position behind UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and KSA in first place.

In total, the total number of active Twitter users in Arab countries is now up to 1,311,882, which means that Lebanon constitutes 3.5% of the total Twitter population. [Source]

Personally speaking, I set up a Twitter account back in September 2010 but only started using it a year later. My username is LeNajib.