I just placed an order for two jars of Baba au Rhum and, wait for it, Baba a l’Arak. I once saw a picture of a Baba l’Arak jar online back in August but then I totally forgot about it up until I saw Anthony’s post and Clement Tannouri’s photos few days ago. I had no clue Clément was the guy behind them.

Most of you know Clément Tannouri from his stunning aerial photos of Lebanon but he’s also an avid food lover and has been cooking for the past couple of years along with his brother Marc Tannouri. Their latest creation is a revolutionized Baba-Au-Rhum, made using Arak from Zahle instead of Rhum.

I love Baba-Au-Rhum and I love Arak, so I am actually eager to taste a Baba a l’Arak. For those interested, you can call 03753563 to place your orders.