A Wings of Lebanon charter plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Larnaca airport in Cyprus after the pilot’s windshield cracked in mid-flight at 37,000ft. The company eventually rented a MEA airplane to send the 120 passengers safely back to Beirut. The plane was not owned by Wings of Lebanon but rented temporarily from Olympus Airways. I’m not a fan of charter flights to be honest but cracked aircraft windshields are not race incidents and what matters is that the plane landed safely. Here’s the [statement].

Wings of Lebanon came under fire a year ago after a Boeing 737 plane with the logo “Wings of Lebanon” landed on Tel Aviv’s airport. What happened back then is that the aircraft was leased by Wings of Lebanon from Turkey’s Tailwind Airlines to use for chartered flights during the summer, and was sent for maintenance work to Turkey. Tailwind completed the maintenance in two days and used the plane for the remaining three days to take passengers from Turkey to Israel and Germany without removing the logo. [Source]