Anyone familiar with Bcharreh and its surrounding knows that place for sure. I’ve heard about it from many friends and thought it was a joke at first but on my first trip to the Cedars i did see it and it was a tiny place. On my last trip which was few weeks ago, not only was the place still there but it expanded now and became much bigger.

The place basically serves mashewe and is not that bad, but definitely not worth a drive from Beirut (You need 2 hours at least). It has grown popular mostly due to its name rather than its food. It is situated at the entry of Baz3oun village in the Bcharreh district, on your way to the Cedars forest.

Why did i think it was a joke? Because Yalla 3ol 3ol means “Yalla 3al 3al” (All good all good) but in a northern accent and it didn’t seem like a restaurant’s name to me.