Five activists from the #YouStink (طلعت ريحتكم) movement were taken into police custody earlier today and one of them was severely injured after he was brutally beaten by the ISF. The activists (Lucien Bourjeily, Waref Sleiman, Hassan Chamas and Ihab Abu Mujahid ) were all released afterwards and a new demonstration is now scheduled for Saturday the 22nd of August at 6pm.


The police was caught on tape beating up protesters, including women protesters. Water cannons and batons were used and Activist Bilal Allaw was taken to the emergencies at AUBMC following a severe beating by the police.

I don’t care what sparked the fight but the riot police has no right to beat up protesters and this is totally unacceptable! The garbage crisis is affecting all of us and these activists are the only ones defying corruption and asking for a change and their movement is picking up. If anything, the police should be arresting those who are hiding and burning trash in nature or trying to smuggle garbage out of their area to dump it illegally elsewhere!

Here’s another [video] showing the riot police assaulting protesters. You can check out more videos and pictures on [Tol3etRi7etkoun page].

The NY Times wrote about what happened yesterday, check it out [here].