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I don’t envy you Ratrout, whomever you are.

I thought at first the girl was running for some beauty pageant competition or some talent show. I didn’t even think for a second she died. Why would anyone write such a message to commemorate a dead person?

Anyway, sincere condolences to her parents.

Thanks Mickel-Ange

9 thoughts on “2a2wa 3alam …

  1. mickel-ange

    she’s dead man :S i don’t know leish keteb heik ta7et 2el soura, i think ken lezem yenkatab gheir 3ibara w tkoun azbat

    1. Najib Post author

      WTF? Are you serious?
      I thought she was running for some pageant or some competition …

      What is wrong with people these days?

  2. anony

    A2wa 3alam was probably a saying she used to repeat, not necessarily written by whoever printed and taped the photo on their car.

  3. samer

    Well najib i knew this girl she went to uni with me.
    she is a very nice and constantly smiling happy person.
    “2a2wa 3alam” was a phrase she always used to say.
    that put aside. my question to u is: why the heck shouldn’t someone put such a slogan?
    or u think “lan nansa” is a better thing to say.
    she was a very strong and will always be strong.
    i think as a believer (regardless which religion) 2a2wa 3alam is a better slogan to commemorate those who passed away than weeping and staying in the past with lame slogans like “lan nansa”

    that being said. i dont think you should feel bad abt ur comment just because she is dead. respect should be equally paid to the dead and alive. lets not forget that and weigh our posts before stating them.
    thank you

    1. Najib Post author

      When it comes to losing friends or family members, I think it’s best one expresses his sorrow to himself/herself or around close ones. Not many people know the girl and will understand what “2a2wa 3alam” meant or that it was her favorite quote.

      No one is going to guess that the girl died and this was her favorite slogan or quote. Wouldn’t it be better if a page is created for her on FB saying RIP and her quote below it? It would be clearer then what you mean by it.

      All in all, you are free to do whatever you want. I am simply stating my opinion.

      May I ask how she died?

  4. samer

    “The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my SALVATION.” (exodus 15/2)
    i guess “2a2wa 3alam” is not that far from RIP now is it…
    and concerning the fb page there is one.
    “I” wont do what i wont. since im not concerned. we r in a free country and anyone has the right to express himself

    however since im a old fan of this blog i suggest digging for info before posting randomly would be a wiser move next time.

    concerning ur question: she was returning from uni and a guy tried to cross her and he was driving fast so when she tried to move her car away she drove outside the rode and bumped into the pedestrian bridge.

    i guess if u knew what kind of person she was u wd understand y this slogan was used

    1. Najib Post author

      Digging info about what exactly? google 2a2wa 3alam?

      Anyway, it is a tragic loss and my sincere condolences to you and to her family and friends.


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