An example of bad customer service

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I got the following email from a reader:

i was walking with a girlfriend of mine in the streets of Monot less than a month ago around 5 pm when i saw Frida (a restaurant i have heard about from many sources) so i decided to go inside to take a look at the menu and the place. There was a menu outside so I read it and continued my walk.

As we walked out of Frida, I saw Roomers (a restaurant i had read about). When I read about Roomers, the concept got my attention and i said to myself that I’d like to try it sometime. That’s why I decided to know a bit more about it. Outside was a menu that wasn’t very clear nor readable; my friend and I were trying to read it when a person came from behind us and asked us very politely to come in to the restaurant and check it out. So we did. In the restaurant, some cleaning and setting up the place were going on (because they open only at night apparently). We were walking around the place a bit and liking it because the decor was very well done. The guy who asked us to come in said: “did u see our menu?”. we answered: ” we tried to but the menu outside isn’t very clear”. so he gave us a menu and went into another room in the restaurant. While checking the menu out and saying that we must come try it, a new guy comes along and says: “please bta3touna d2i2a? 3enna sheghel”. I said: “menfell ya3ne?”. He said: “eh please, 3enna sheghel w ana l owner hon”. I said: ” bas l shabb allna nfout netfarraj 3al ma7al”. He asked: ” ayya shabb?” . A guy who was standing there during the whole thing said: “el chef”. The owner said: ” ah el chef! eh bas ana l owner hon w 3enna sheghel”. So we put the menu down, thanked him and left. We couldn’t even say anything because we were extremely shocked; shocked that a restaurant owner would talk so impolitely to potential clients!!

Anyway i thought that telling you this story might be an act “yfeshelle khel2e” cz u might understand what it feels like, being a restaurant fan too.

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5 thoughts on “An example of bad customer service

  1. Ronman

    well i worked in the restaurant/pubs business for a good while and i would never invite potential clients when the place is being set up. but in the option that they have been let through you would want to treat them as good as you would treat them when the place is in full swing, especially, especially if you are the owner…

    But seriously, this guy seems that he can’t believe he owns the joint he has to keep reminding himself “ana el Owner hon”, w toz “Eh bass ana zboun, aw ta ‘elak kenet zboun” should have been your ultimate reply

  2. Devin

    Hehehe, he forgot to take his pills… Anyways, I usually have pleasant experiences in Lebanese restaurants, I will make sure to avoid this restaurant so I do not spoil an evening by mistake.

  3. Wassim Halawi

    Dear Mark,

    Well I second regarding the treatment you got there!
    Don’t take it personal, i once met the owner for some possible business and after he got the info he wanted from me, he just stopped answering the phone when I tried to call.
    I mean he is the one who wants to increase the awareness of his business but obviously he cares the less:)



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