11 thoughts on “Bil Kaff!

  1. KM

    let’s not judge people like that. you never knw he might be dealing with a Degenerative disease at an early stage such a parkinson’s or alzheimer’s…

  2. Samazio

    Ma3 kel hayda and the girl insist to take a picture with him hehe
    A profile picture with Omar El Charif on facebook…priceless 🙂

  3. Hisham Assaad

    its a shameful behavior, yet the girl nagged a lot on him and didn’t hear what he had said (yet it’s not an excuse for slap)
    law shi wa7di lebneniyi, eh kenit massa7et l ard fih LOL

  4. Georges Daya

    I’ve seen this a couple of days back and i got two comments:

    1) since im a photographer, i actually respected that Omar Al Shareef was pissed off at the nagging lady since he promised the photographers (probably from the media) to get a portrait of him alone before giving time to fans for souvenir photos. at the end of the day the photogs are there to do their job and obviously he respects them since he shouted out: “let the guy take his shot first and ill get back to you”.
    Us photographers always get lots of crap from people nagging around and jumping into our frames while we are fully focused on getting that perfect shot; especially in such events where there are a lot of appearances that we need to get coverage of….and trust me no photographer wants a celebrity shot with a weird hand or head cutting in the frame.. so based on that, yeah slap her! 😛

    2) Whether he has the right to give her a small slap or not, well thats his personal decision i cant decide on that. but as you can see in the video, she doesn’t seem to complain about that small slap nor she got upset, she actually smiled and insisted on taking a photo with him…so if she didn’t complain, i cant complain!


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