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Burger King Campaign Explained

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The Burger King ads were finally explained tonight. As it turns out, BK Lebanon is launching a one of a kind 9-meter long food truck that will have the full BK menu and will tour Lebanon and be present at several events & even weddings.

The numbers referred to the area of Lebanon and the different regions. To be honest, I thought about that but I didn’t get the exact numbers on Google so I wasn’t sure. In all cases, I wasn’t the only one curious about this campaign so I guess it was a good one 🙂

“10452 branches in Keserwan”
“451 new branches in Keserwan”
“252 new branches in Matn”

Car Insurance 3al Lebnené

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mtv insurance

Everyone is tagging MTV on this ad but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on their website. It is a hilarious and spot-on ad. The video ends with ” بربكن صلحوا الطرقات الزفت” in an attempt to shed the light on road conditions in Lebanon but I can’t find the full version yet.

Did Anyone Figure Out Burger King’s Ads?

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“10452 branches in Keserwan”
“365 new branches”
“451 new branches in Keserwan”
“252 new branches in Matn”

I tried mixing the numbers together, adding/subtracting them, it doesn’t make any sense. Does anyone know what this campaign is about? I’m curious to know now.

They should give away a prize to the person who figures it out because everyone I asked was clueless.



Beirut Marathon’s Typo (“Strat” Instead of “Start”) Explained

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I was earlier today at the Beirut Marathon Youth Race that was taking place in Dbayyeh and the banner at the beginning of the race said “Strat” instead of “Start”. I thought it was a typo at first but it turned out to be a stunt to raise awareness on kids with dyslexia. Ragheb Alameh unveiled the real banner at the start of one of the races.


I really thought it was a mistake for a second and the comments I got on the picture I shared were hilarious. That’s a brilliant stunt to say the least.


That was the first time I don’t run in one of Beirut Marathon’s races since it was for kids so I had the chance to meet the founder and president of the BMA and a role model for many Lebanese May El Khalil and our Lebanese Olympian Chirine Njeim, who’s the first Lebanese female to compete in the Marathon distance at the Olympics.

may el khalil

Best Mother’s Day Ads In Lebanon [2016]

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Exotica Exotica is my favorite this year

Happy Mother’s Day to all! If I missed any ads this year, please email them to me at

Kababji I loved Kababji’s one as well

mothers Almaza ads are always spot-on

mum Moms know everything 😀 – Cafe Hamra

Dads Khoury Home has a kickass campaign for Mother’s Day this year – I’m taking part in it #Swapitformom

alfa 2emme a2wa min 2emmak – Alfa

Touch Nice touch from Touch 😀

simon Simon Light

souss Fakhry Chicken

Lemall We all have soo many unsent “I’m sorrys” – LeMall

There were a lot of videos this year as well, in addition to the two heartwarming videos by Divvy and TheSpotLebanon that I shared earlier.

I loved the Citymall video where they took candid shots of a mother bonding with her children inside the mall and printed them out. Bank Audi employees greeted their mothers in a funny and special way while Bank of Beirut set up a blue room in one of their branches to surprise mothers.

Happy Mother's day

A picture is worth a million words. CITYMALL wanted to draw a smile on every mother’s face out there by capturing the special moment of bonding, happiness and love between a mother and her children. Happy Mother's day! #itshappeningleb #happymothersday

Posted by CITYMALL on Friday, March 18, 2016

كلمة صغيرة من عيلة بنك عوده لكل الأمهات.

Posted by Bank Audi Lebanon on Friday, March 18, 2016

يوم عادي ببنك بيروت! قررّنا نحوله ليوم ما بينتسى

Posted by Bank of Beirut on Friday, March 18, 2016

مشجعتي الأولى – My Number One Fan

لكل شيء تفعلينه وكل الحب الذي تعطينه.. نتمنى لكِ يوم أم سعيد من كيري.. #مشجعتي_الأولى For everything you do and all the love you give us.. Happy Mother’s Day from Kiri! #MyNumberOneFan

Posted by ‎Kiri – كيري‎ on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Lebanon: Two Heartwarming Videos

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Here are two heartwarming videos on the occasion of Mother’s day done by TheSpot mall and Divvy.

1- #Shta2tellikMom: A son surprises his mother after living abroad for 6 years:

Best Mother’s Day surprise ever! By The Spot Lebanon #shta2tel…

Best Mother’s Day surprise ever! By The Spot Lebanon

Posted by The Spot Lebanon on Thursday, March 17, 2016

2- Divvy teamed up with a group of friends to serve their mothers on Mother’s day:

I would have loved to take part in that initiative but I wasn’t able to unfortunately. The idea was very creative and the video turned out to be awesome. It’s funny how some of the parents didn’t recognize their sons and daughters at first glimpse and their reaction was truly priceless when they did. Thumbs up to Divvy and the Uf Concepts guys!

DIVVY's Mother's Day

What if on Mother’s day you were the one serving your mom?

Posted by Divvy on Thursday, March 17, 2016


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Mother’s Day is less than 1 month away and a lot of Lebanese working or living abroad won’t be able to spend that special day with their mothers. In order to make that happen, a fun competition entitled ‪#‎Shta2tellikMom‬ was kicked by The Spot in order to reunite expats with their families in Lebanon, particularly on rare occasions such as Mother’s Day.

The rules are quite simple:
1- Upload a video selfie on Facebook or Instagram (10 to 15 seconds) telling your mom how much you miss her
2- Use ‪#‎Shta2tellikMom‬
3- The most creative video selfies will win a trip to Lebanon to see their mom on Mother’s day

I went through some of the videos posted, a lot of them are emotional or food-related and there’s a couple of funny ones. The funniest for me was the weightlifting dude but there’s still room for creativity.

burger That one was sent by my brother when he was abroad for a short while. #Shta2tellikMom #KelYomDelivery #BaddeMjadra

Lebanese Loto Trolling Kanye West

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American Hip Hop artist Kanye West caused a twitter storm few days ago when he announced that he was $53 million in personal debt, and that he wants the world to know his struggle. He also asked Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to keep making art lol!

Needless to say, he’s probably bluffing and just seeking attention but the sad part is that some of Yeezy’s biggest supporters start GoFundMe page to raise money for Kanye West and get him out of his debt.

La Libanaise des Jeux also decided to help Kanye in their own way by trolling him on their Facebook page. It’s funny but not as funny as Pizza Hut’s troll.


The More You Use Water, The Faster I Disappear

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save water4

I got last week from a cardboard shaped like a Lebanese flag with a cedar tree made out of soap in the middle. Attached to it a small message that said “The more you use water, the faster I disappear” or in Arabic (ما تمحيني سكر الحنفيه) and guidelines on how to save water to save our forests:

– Cut a couple of minutes off your shower.
– Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
– Use the least amount of detergent possible when washing the dishes.
– Only run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads.
– Put organic coloring in your toilet tank to see if water is leaking.

save water3

The idea from the cedar-shaped soap is to ask people to use that soap and keep the tree in shape for as long as possible to make sure we’re not wasting water. I loved the idea and the concept behind it and thought it was worth sharing.

Moreover, I wrote this post as a reminder that only 13% of Lebanon is covered with forests if not less, and saving water is essential for preserving these forests and for our own sake. Water is one of Lebanon’s most precious resources yet very little is done to preserve it and people tend to waste a lot of water.

Just like recycling should start at home, saving water is also as important and crucial for the generations to come.

save water2

Best Valentine Ads in Lebanon [2016]

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EDZ My Favorite Valentine ad this year is from EDZ!

Here’s a nice roundup of the best Valentine ads that were shared this year in Lebanon. If there are any that I missed, please do share and I’ll gladly add them.

sandwichw noss Valentoum for the love of Toum

loveitvw #Loveitwhen she never has breakdowns


A nice ad from Exotica but the one they released back in October would have been perfect for Valentine:

barista via Barista

alfa Alfa is offering Free 50MB to express your love from Alfa and launched a hashtag #‎AlfaValentines2016‬ where people need to send funny pictures with their other half

12705199_10153342152651304_1128756872111921102_n one of the Alfa photoshopped entries

stoli Drunk in love – via Stoli Leb

cupid via Kababji

true love diwan There is no sincerer love than the love of Lebanese food. via Diwan Beirut

volvo Happy V Day

dsg Supporting Donner Sang Compter Always #OneBloodOneLove

Here are a couple of videos worth sharing as well:

durex arabia Durex Arabia ads rock!

nuts Relationship told by nuts via Al Rifai