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Best Valentine Ads in Lebanon [2016]

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EDZ My Favorite Valentine ad this year is from EDZ!

Here’s a nice roundup of the best Valentine ads that were shared this year in Lebanon. If there are any that I missed, please do share and I’ll gladly add them.

sandwichw noss Valentoum for the love of Toum

loveitvw #Loveitwhen she never has breakdowns


A nice ad from Exotica but the one they released back in October would have been perfect for Valentine:

barista via Barista

alfa Alfa is offering Free 50MB to express your love from Alfa and launched a hashtag #‎AlfaValentines2016‬ where people need to send funny pictures with their other half

12705199_10153342152651304_1128756872111921102_n one of the Alfa photoshopped entries

stoli Drunk in love – via Stoli Leb

cupid via Kababji

true love diwan There is no sincerer love than the love of Lebanese food. via Diwan Beirut

volvo Happy V Day

dsg Supporting Donner Sang Compter Always #OneBloodOneLove

Here are a couple of videos worth sharing as well:

durex arabia Durex Arabia ads rock!

nuts Relationship told by nuts via Al Rifai

The Only Horoscopes You Should Listen To

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taleta2 Iza Mich el Tanen, el Khamis.

A friend weirdly emailed me horoscopes yesterday and told me that I should read them. Of course I was about to delete them at first but then I noticed there’s the La Libanaise des Jeux logo on the bottom and they turned out to be hilarious! I posted a couple of them, check out the rest on their page.

I also found and shared a couple of old ads posted right before the horoscopes that are also quite funny!




Thank u Richy!

FAIL: Is Your Husband Or Boyfriend Beating You? Get A Discounted Apartment Now!

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freedom Source

Oh wow! I really have nothing to say about this ad. Exploiting victims of domestic violence to promote discounted apartments? Do you really think an apartment is the first thing on an abused woman’s mind? Do you think such a move will help protect women? Is this some sort of joke?

Even if the intentions of the company in question are good and meant to help women in need, putting a bruised woman’s picture on the poster was a terrible idea. They could have simply offered women discounted prices and that’s about it 🙂

Lebanon’s 72nd Independence Day

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google Google celebrating our Independence day with a doodle

Here’s a nice roundup of some of the Lebanese ads, videos, posters, caricatures about Lebanon’s Independence that were shared in the last couple of days.

DSC لبنان_بدمي via Donner Sang Compter Lebanon

Diwan Food always unites us

Sony Lebanon I love this! via SonyLebanon

Almaza Keef ma kenet b7ebbak, bi beertak b7ebbak. Via Almaza

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