I shared the MEZZA Beer commercial a while back because I loved it. It’s catchy and creative and my favorite part was the continuous head shaking throughout the ad. However, someone SOMEHOW managed to get offended by this ad and filed a complaint to the Ministry of Information.

Here’s what the complaint said:

وجاء في نص الشكوى: “يتضمن الاعلان دعوة لتلاميذ المدارس من عمر 15 عاماً والنساء الحوامل والشباب وكبار السن والمحجبات، للشرب بحجة ان المشروب غير كحولي. وتجدر الاشارة الى انه في الاعلان كل من يشرب هذا المشروب يهز رأسه بطريقة غير طبيعية مما يوحي ان المشروب يدفع لمثل هذه الحالة”. وعليه فإن هناك تناقضاً بين أن المشروب غير كحولي وما يؤدي إليه”.

So basically what they’re saying is that we cannot shake our heads to music and that this motion is not normal when consuming a non-alcoholic drink. They may have a point, I tried shaking my head while listening to music this morning and people were looking at me weirdly. Who shakes his head and body without drinking alcohol? What sort of whitchraft is that? 😂

I am not sure why Minister Riachi even bothered to look at the complaint. This is ridiculous and what would be even more ridiculous is banning this ad.

Check out the ad [here].