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The Nathalie Fadlallah Effect

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28-05-13-int nathalie fadlallah

I read the below paragraph like 3 times and am still wondering what got into the author’s mind to write such a thing? Like seriously who wants to read about horny and sweaty Lebanese policemen?

Maybe it’s better for media portals in Lebanon to focus on getting more detailed information from Tripoli and Arsal rather than give that much attention to a candidate who’s running without an electoral platform.

Fadlallah [High-Res]

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A nice initiative and by the looks of it, more money will be spent on the upcoming elections than on any previous elections held in Lebanon (If elections ever take place).

My favorite slogan for the Lebanese Elections is #2badMenno_IntekhibDoddo

Eight prominent bloggers from the Lebanese online scene are launching a virtual mock electoral campaign in retaliation to what they say is the mockery of an entire nation.

The bloggers Hanin al-Siddique, Ali Fakhri, Salim al-Lawzi, Imad Bazzi, Zeinab Abdul Satter, Omar Kabul, Fakher Salameh and Mahmoud Ghzayyel are behind this virtual campaign.

Tweeps, bloggers, facebookers are encouraged to visit the website or otherwise tweet under the hashtag:

#Sell_Myself #Abi3_Nafsi [Source]

Romania beats former record holder Lebanon with a 5-ton flag

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I think we should hurry up and prepare to break Romania’s record and show them that we love our country more. After doing so, we can get back to killing each other in Tripoli, Arsal and all over Lebanon.

The Romanian flag covers three football pitches, topping the previous record holder in Lebanon.

A military brass band played as Prime Minister Victor Ponta and other ministers arrived in the village to view the flag. [Link]

Thank you Dany!

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism shuts down Ghost night club

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29-05-13-khas mercredi 2bk
[High-Res] via LebanonFiles

The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism decided to shut down Ghost night club after it reopened less than a week ago, just like it did with Acid over a year ago. Of course no legal actions were taken against Antoine Chakhtoura for his wrongdoings and for violating the most basic human rights.

I had no clue it was the same person behind the two clubs. I am surprised to be honest that he didn’t file any lawsuit against Chakhtoura.

Is Beirut’s Reputation for LGBT Tolerance a Myth?

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Very Nice Pictures by Ahmad Moussawi

I think we can safely say that Beirut is still better than other capitals in the Arab world when it comes to accepting homosexuals and lesbians but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Talk to Beiruti gays and lesbians, and you’ll find the truth seems to be as complex as the rest of Lebanon’s social politics. In a country held together by a wary part-truce between many religious and ethnic splinters, most things there seem to have a spirograph-like intricacy on closer inspection. Beirut’s waxing and waning reputation for tolerance reflects both Lebanese governments’ conflicted attempts to align themselves with the West and anxieties about the country’s future. [Full Article]

The author would be glad to know Ghost reopened, at least until now. I wouldn’t go as far though as linking the Ghost case to the status of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the illegal curfews being set.

To people whose lives haven’t been affected by homophobia, discussing this might seem trivial while Syria (whose capital is just 55 miles from Beirut) is pushing ever closer to Armageddon. In complicated Lebanon, however, the two issues are not unconnected. Local activists who asked to remain anonymous told me that patrons harassed at Ghost, the raided gay bar, were actually Syrian refugees, disobeying an autocratic ordnance by the local mayor to stay home after 7 p.m. Many Syrian refugees have arrived in Lebanon recently, often to mistrust and hostility from locals who remember Syria’s occupation of the country and fear the war next door spreading. The fact that their appearance in a Beirut gay bar might have been enough to spark a crackdown suggests how capricious and unstable Beirut’s no-questions-asked tolerance really is.