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Internet Speeds In The Middle East: Lebanon vs. UAE

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In Lebanon:
It takes on average 14 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 8 minutes and 26.33 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 28 minutes and 4.21 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

In the United Arab Emirates:
It takes 2.63 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 50.70 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 5 minutes and 15.79 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

If you wish to compare internet speeds between two countries, check out this [Link].


You can see below the download and upload internet speeds in the Arab world. Lebanon has the 2nd worst connection in the region while UAE tops the list.

United Arab Emirates
Average download speed: 15.20 Mbps (48/187)
Average upload speed: 7.89 Mbps (31/187)

Average download speed: 7.67 Mbps (87/187)
Average upload speed: 2.07 Mbps (125/187)

Average download speed: 7.10 Mbps (96/187)
Average upload speed: 5.08 Mbps (59/187)

Average download speed: 5.12 Mbps (119/187)
Average upload speed: 2.01 Mbps (129/187)

Average download speed: 8.87 Mbps (80/187)
Average upload speed: 3.45 Mbps (85/187)

Saudi Arabia
Average download speed: 9.93 Mbps (71/187)
Average upload speed: 2.40 Mbps (115/187)

Average download speed: 2.22 Mbps (174/187)
Average upload speed: 0.80 Mbps (175/187)

Average download speed: 3.89 Mbps (140/187)
Average upload speed: 3.68 Mbps (79/187)

Average download speed: 3.16 Mbps (158/187)
Average upload speed: 1.52 Mbps (146/187)

Average download speed: 2.85 Mbps (168/187)
Average upload speed: 0.79 Mbps (176/187)

Average download speed: 1.61 Mbps (181/187)
Average upload speed: 0.60 Mbps (184/187)

Lebanon Among The 20 Countries Where People Get Kidnapped The Most

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A lot of kidnappings in Lebanon take place in the Bekaa – Source

Lebanon ranked 6th out of 20 countries where people get kidnapped the most. We even scored better than Syria which is quite the achievement!

Read the full report [Here].

Asia and the Pacific had the most recorded kidnaps-for-ransom in 2013, up to 35% of global cases from 31% in 2012. Risks remain in Africa, especially in Nigeria where “the overwhelming majority of incidents taking place in the oil-producing Niger delta.”

“A large number of cases continued to be reported in the Middle East, fuelled by the unstable security environment created by the Syrian civil war,” according to the report. “Kidnapping-for-ransom has become a common problem in Syria and Lebanon, with Lebanon ranking sixth in Control Risks’ global top ten in 2013.”

Here are the top 20 countries for kidnap-for-ransom in absolute terms for 2013 (as of September 30):

1. Mexico
2. India
3. Nigeria
4. Pakistan
5. Venezuela
6. Lebanon
7. Philippines
8. Afghanistan
9. Colombia
10. Iraq
11. Syria
12. Guatemala
13. Yemen
14. Libya
15. Egypt
16. Brazil
16. Kenya (tied)
18. Nepal
19. Malaysia
19. South Africa (tied)

Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs 2013

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2 Cardi diagnostics Ziad Sankari_MGL3399
CardioDiagnostics by Ziad Sankari and Layla el-Zein

Executive Magazine posted a list of Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2013. I wouldn’t call some of them entrepreneurs to be honest and it’s weird to find so many “undisclosed revenues”.

Category: Industry Leaders
Anghami – Entrepreneurs: Eddy Maroun, Elie Habib
Cedar Books – Entrepreneurs: Cyril Hadji-Thomas, Sany Naufal
Cedar Environmental – Entrepreneur: Ziad Abi Chaker
Cleartag – Entrepreneur: Tarek Dajani
Dawtec – Entrepreneur: Wissam Daou
Diwanee – Entrepreneurs: Delphine Eddé, Hervé Cuviliez, Ivan Petrovic, Patrick Boulos
Nymgo – Entrepreneur: Omar Onsi
Paravision – Entrepreneur: Michel Sfeir
The Little Engineer – Entrepreneur: Rana Shmaitelly
Woopra – Entrepreneur: Elie Khoury

Category: Startup Entrepreneurs
Bnooki – Entrepreneurs: Elie BouJaoude (pictured), Nicolas L’Helgoualch, Yann Rotyl
CardioDiagnostics – Entrepreneurs: Ziad Sankari, Layla el-Zein
Dom Controls – Entrepreneur: Ahmad Bizri
eTobb – Entrepreneurs: Paul Saber, Sara Helou, Jad Joubran
Kashida – Entrepreneurs: Elie Abou Jamra, Mirna Hamady
Moujaz – Entrepreneurs: Shadi Moadad, Ali Hammoud
Pin Pay – Entrepreneur: Omar Bader
Presella – Entrepreneurs: Walid Singer, Louay Al Kadri
Ubility Net – Entrepreneurs: Ziad Mabsout, Khaled Dassouki
Zoomal – Entrepreneur: Abdalla Absi

There is a lot of talent active in Lebanon’s entrepreneurial landscape. The country’s entrepreneurs are clever, innovative and, most of all, resilient. When Executive picked its list of top 20 entrepreneurs, it looked at impact, innovation, business model, and scalability. This year’s entrepreneurs reflect excellence in these categories, both in terms of successful companies that have presented success stories for the country, and on the part of startups who are boldly launching their businesses in an uncertain climate.

Winners Of The Brit Floyd Tickets

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The winners of the standing tickets (2 tickets each):
1- Bruna
2- Nicolas Abou Chedid
3- Rita Saad
4- Eddy Hatem
5- Celine

The two lucky winners of the Golden Circle Tickets:
1- Canady
2- Moxybeirut

Congrats to all the winners! You will get an email shortly on how you can collect your tickets.

Four AUB Students Mugged Outside Medical Gate

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Picture via Wikimedia

I understand that the streets in Beirut are no longer safe but AUB should either get some extra protection or ask the police to secure its surroundings, specially if this is happening quite often.

As the foursome walked through Bliss St., they passed through the alley leading up from Zaatar W Zeit, where Caspers and Gambini’s is located. As the young man chatted with one girl, the other two walked ahead. They were about 15 meters ahead of them when he heard one of them scream and shout, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!”

YF looked up only to see a tall man standing in front of his friends, pointing a silver gun in their direction. His first instinct was an attempt to duck behind a car to call the police. “That was my biggest mistake,” he explained. “As I rushed towards the car, the man saw me and pointed his gun at me and shouted, ‘come stand with them!’”

Based on the assailant’s accent, they deduced the man was Syrian. The second thing he noticed about the man was the terror in his bloodshot eyes and the manner in which his hand trembled while holding the gun. “He seemed more scared than we were. And that was what worried me the most,” YF confessed . “I was afraid he would do something stupid, because he was obviously not thinking clearly because of his fear and perhaps drugs. It was clearly one of his first stick-ups.” As two girls stood paralyzed in fear and the other sobbed in fright, YF tried to pacify the assailant by offering the money in his wallet and speaking calmly. Eventually, a car approached and the jittery man turned and ran away without taking anything. [Source]

Alexa Snow Storm To Hit Lebanon Tomorrow

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Picture via ElieChahine

The storm will hit Lebanon on Tuesday and last for several days. We should expect something similar to the “Olga” storm that hit Lebanon back in January 2013.

Here’s a day by day forecast taken from [LebanonWeatherForecast]:

Monday 9 December: Sunny and very cold, frigid on mountains. Icing overnight above 800m, taking precautions in driving is a must.

Tuesday 10 December: LATE NIGHT WARNING
After a sunny start, turning cloudy around noon with some spotty afternoon showers. Heavy stormy rain & thunderstorms by Wednesday morning. Snow late Tuesday night down to 1400m (1300m in the north). Strong winds.

Wednesday 11 December: WARNING
Stormy winds, very heavy continuous rainfall, very strong winds. Taking precautions is a must all over the country.Snowy averaging 1300m, then down late overnight to 800m & Bekaa.

Thursday 12 December: WARNING
Stormy winds, heavy rainfall, very strong winds. Taking precautions is a must all over the country.Snowy averaging 750M – keep an eye on tonight’s update

via LebanonWeather