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Sexy Nun Halloween Costume Confiscated in Zouk Mikhael

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LBCI reported earlier that Halloween costumes were confiscated by the General Security in Zouk Mikhael after they were found offensive and disrespectful to Christianity. Kataeb posted a picture showing the costume in question few minutes later.

Personally speaking, I don’t mind people dressing up in anyway they like specially if it’s for a fun occasion like Halloween.

Natour Brothers Sentenced to Prison over Spoiled Meat Case

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The Natour brothers, who were responsible for the rotten meat scandal that hit Lebanon last year, were sentenced to three years and two years in prison respectively and were asked to pay a fine of 1 Million Lebanese Liras.

That’s definitely good news but I wonder if the government took the proper measures to prevent another scandal in the future. Also, the fine is ridiculous and should be 1 million dollars not liras.

According to the state-run National News Agency, Judge Ghassan Tanious al-Khoury sentenced Samih al-Natour to three years in prison and to pay a LL1 million fine, while his brother Suleiman was sentenced to two years in prison and LL1 million fine.

The two brothers were also accused of the attempted murders of the consumers to whom they knowingly sold the food.

The judge also convicted the Global company for meat and food trade to pay LL10 millions. [Link]

The 10 Silliest Acts Of Censorship In Lebanon

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Here’s a nice compilation of the ten silliest acts of censorship in Lebanon written by Matt Nash from NowLebanon. The Steven Spielberg “Tintin movie” censorship which we posted first about made it to the list.

1- The Untouchable Sayyed
2- Jews?? Ban!
3- Fayrouz banned from local radio for six months back in 1969
4- Honest Abes all
5- Censorsing a play about censorship
6- Help The Movie
7- Director Steven Spielberg and The Tintin movie
8- Spray Painting for some, not all
9- Legendary Singer Marcel Khalife
10- Flip-flop fiasco

As noted above, most politicians respond to criticism and mockery with individually targeted lawsuits which likely prompt authors/artists/etc. to self-censor in the future while leaving the “offensive” content in the public domain. But one of Lebanon’s “bosses” is simply beyond reproach: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is in a class by himself. Riots over a 2006 television show mocking him served as notice: leave the Sayyad alone

Check out the full article [Here].

Why do Arabs say “What’s the news” (Chou el Akhbar) ?

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Chou el Akhbar? Chou Akhbarak? are common Arabic greetings that we hear a lot in Lebanon. Here’s a possible explanation from ArabGlot as to where this greeting originated from and why it is used so commonly in the Arab world.

“Meanwhile the old man had made coffee and set out dates for us to eat. Hamad said, ‘He is the Christian.’ The old man asked, ‘Is he the Christian who travelled last year with bin al Kamam and the Rashid to the Hadhramaut?’ and after Hamad had assented he turned wo me and said, ‘A thousand welcomes.’ It had not taken long for this news to arrive, although here we wear near the Persian Gulf, far from the Hadhramaut; but I was not surprised. I knew how interested Bedu always were in ‘the news’, how concerned to get the latest information about their kinsmin, about raids and tribal movements and grazing. I knew from experience how far they would go out of their way to ask for news. I had realised that it was the chance of getting this as much as the craving for milk that had tantalized my companions during the past days when we had seen and avoided distant tents. The hated traveling through inhabited country without knowing exactly what was happening around them.

‘What is “the news”?’ It is the question which follows every encounter in the desert even between strangers. Given a chance the bedu will gossip for hours, as they had done last night, and nothing is too trivial for them to recount. There is no reticence in the desert. If a man distinguishes himself he knows that his fame will be widespread; if he disgraces himself he knows that the story of his shame will inevitably be heard in every encampment. It is this fear of public opinion which enforces at all times the rigid conventions of the desert.” [Source]

Eva Ghazal, 13 years old, Kidnapped and Forced in to Marriage in Bekaa

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The Sheikh who approved the marriage should be put in prison, as well as the sick man who took the girl from her family. Let’s see if the authorities will work on freeing the girl unless we need to seek foreign help for these issues too.

Mystery has been surrounding the marriage of the 13-year-old Eva Ghazal to Hussein Msheik despite her father’s objection. Eva Ghazal was reportedly kidnapped by people who had financial issues with her father, but the kidnappers surprised Eva’s parents by informing them that their daughter has become married to their relative.

However, their marriage is null according to Sheikh Hussein Abdallah and attorney Soha Ismail who stressed that such an act is also considered a crime and its perpetrators could be punished by the law.

While Eva is still in custody of her kidnappers; her family is calling on the authorities to take the necessary measures in this regard. [LBC]

Ghadi Darwish: The First Lebanese Baby Born Without A Sect

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Nidal Darwiche and Kholoud Succariyeh had a baby boy over the weekend, the first Lebanese baby registered with the sect field left blank. President Sleiman congratulated the couple and the Lebanese people as a whole.

Next step is setting up a proper law for civil marriages so we have many more Ghadis.

The first child in a civil marriage wedding in Lebanon was born last month, his parents announced over the weekend.
Nidal Darwiche and Kholoud Succariyeh posted a photo of their son Ghaddi’s registration form Saturday, with the “sect” field left blank, on their Facebook pages. He was born on September 30.
President Michel Sleiman congratulated the couple in a message posted on Twitter late Sunday. “Congratulations to Nidal and Kholoud and to the Lebanese people for the birth of Ghaddi, the first newborn to be registered without a sect,” Sleiman wrote. [DailyStar]

#BreakingBarriersLebanon: Michael Haddad Did It!

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Mike has walked 19 kilometers between the Cedars of Bcharre and the Cedars of Tannourine and completed his challenge! This is awesome news and to make things even better, a cedar will be planted for every step Mike took.

For those of you who missed the original story, Mike lost control of 75% of his body after a jet-ski accident 26 years ago and stays standing up with his two crutches and a 15-kilogram steel exoskeleton.


Both pictures were taken by Charbel Bouez who was with him the whole trip.

Here is LBCI’s report on Michael Haddad’s achievement:


30th Anniversary Of The Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing

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Families of the Beirut Bomb Victims marked the 30th anniversary of the Beirut Barracks Bombings in the city of Jacksonville a couple of days ago. On October 23 1983, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces, members of the Multinational Force (MNF) in Lebanon, killing 299 American and French servicemen.

This bombing was the deadliest single day death toll for the U.S. Marine Corps since WWII. Unfortunately, these bombings are still taking place in Lebanon and killing innocent civilians, with the latest ones being in Tripoli and Dahieh.

Check out old pictures [Here], [Here] and [Here].


Mideast Lebanon Marine Bombing Photo Essay.JPEG-0719f



30th Annual Beirut Memorial Observance, Camp Lejeune NC, City of Jacksonville NC