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VIDEO: Lebanese Security Forces Preventing Protestors from Reaching Nejmeh Square

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The brutality shown in this video wasn’t necessary as the protestors are peaceful and unarmed. However, it is a bit unfair to compare these scenes to the ones of the powerless army in Saida and the North because things are more complicated than they look.

The Army Commander vowed to confront outlaws with all available means today. Let’s hope they go after outlaws everywhere in Lebanon without any exception.

You can check out more pictures [Here] and [Here].

More about the Lebanese expelled from Qatar

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I love how our Foreign Minister has an explanation for every story we get, because he claimed yesterday that he had made calls and was told no Lebanese employees were fired or expelled from Qatar.

Now that we know which company fired them, here’s the explanation Mansour provided:

“The issue is that a number of employees at the Saudi Binladin Group, which is executing a project for the Qatari interior ministry, were summoned by the public relations and administrative director of the company, who is also Lebanese, with the aim of evaluating their performance,” Mansour explained.

“They had employment contracts ranging between one year and two years and as a result of the evaluation, 21 employees were sacked – 15 Lebanese, one Pakistani, one Indian, one Bahraini, one Canadian and two Egyptians – and the company told them that it is willing to grant them the permission to stay in Qatar should they find another sponsor or to leave Qatar and return after finding a new sponsor,” Mansour added. [Link]

Let’s hope it’s as simple as that and that no more Lebanese will get expelled because of what’s happening in Lebanon.

Theo Bucker is no longer Lebanon’s coach

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Theo Bucker has stepped down as Lebanon’s coach and signed a one-year deal with Saudi Football Club Al Ettifaq. Bucker is by far the best coach that we ever had and we owe him a lot. He took over a weak Lebanese team in 2011, and using great tactics, made us dream of qualifying to the World Cup a year ago before the match-fixing scandal broke out.

Bucker admits that his “success with the Lebanese national side is my most important achievement to date”, even though he worked in nine different countries.

I hope the Lebanese Federation or Players are preparing a decent farewell dinner or party or game for Bucker. It’s the least we can do to thank him.

You will be missed Theo!

Traffic Counter in a weird spot

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I spotted a new traffic counter installed on an industrial road in Zouk Mosbeh that links it to Antoura. Few people know of this road and it’s almost always empty so it’s pretty weird to find the counter set up there.

I first found out about these wires almost two years back on the Antelias-Jal el Dib maritime road but I can assure you traffic hasn’t improved one single bit. On the contrary, it’s getting worse year after year.


The road in question

25 Lebanese Expats Expelled from Qatar

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We’ve been hearing reports from almost all media outlets about Lebanese getting expelled from UAE Gulf countries but our Foreign Minister has been denying them so far. The latest news is that 25 Lebanese got deported from Qatar after being given a four-day ultimatum.

25 Lebanese expatriates were deported from Qatar and are expected to arrive in Beirut as of Wednesday evening. The report claimed that the Lebanese expatriates, who all work in the same company, were given a four-day ultimatum to leave the Qatari territories. It also added that the Lebanese expatriates’ residency permits were still valid as the deportation decision was issued. [MTV]

Radio Voice of Lebanon apparently was able to spot one of the Lebanese who got expelled, Ahmed Ayyoub who and I quote “left the airport without giving any statement about his expulsion because he was in a “delicate emotional condition”. He had just arrived at the Beirut Airport and the reasons for his expulsion are still unknown.

Gambling Sites being blocked in Lebanon

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Picture from Al-Akhbar

It was brought to my attention that gambling and poker sites are no longer accessible in Lebanon. I looked up a bit online and tried opening some websites and they weren’t accessible indeed. The decision to block the gambling sites was apparently taken by the Ministry of Justice as stated in the text below, noting that it’s not an official statement.

I woke up Saturday, June 15 and could not open my Pokerstars client. A few other sites were unreachable either. After contacting my ISP, they informed me that they are blocking access to online poker sites as requested by the ministry of justice.
On Sunday, June 16. Only one site was officially functioning, Starsofholdem. Owned by a Lebanese, hosted in Costa Rica and operated by Stars of Holdem Group @ London – United Kingdom. As the info shows on their website.
I contacted StarsofHoldem support and they assured me that the online restriction in Lebanon will not affect their operations because THEY PAY TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

I know for a fact that gambling in Lebanon is illegal outside the Casino du Liban but I had no clue it included online gambling as well.

Some of the popular gambling sites that got blocked are:
bwin (This one opened though on my connection)

Thanks Rob

Lebanese-Canadian women caught trying to smuggle $59K in their bras

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Border Crossing Fee
US Borders – Picture from FoxNews

“A pat down found “a bulky mass” in her bra that led to the pair’s hidden cash”. Haha!

U.S. border agents say they caught a Canadian woman and her teenage daughter trying to cross the border with $59,000 hidden in their bras. The complaint says border agents detained Moura El-Asmar and her 16-year-old daughter at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel on their way to Detroit Metropolitan Airport for a flight to visit relatives in Lebanon.

Agents found $15,300 in El-Asmar’s purse. [Link]