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Baalbeck Festival moved to Jdeideh

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I have no idea where that silk factory is in Jdeideh but it’s quite sad to see the famous Baalbeck festival moved to Beirut.

Tickets for the festival are available online at [Virgin Ticketing Box Office].

For the first time in festival history, concerts will be staged in Jdeideh al-Metn, in the magnanery (silkworm nursery) of the village’s 19th-century silk factory.

“We chose this place because it is still unknown to the public,” the news release said. “It is located on the outskirts of the capital and it is available in all regions.”

The venue may have changed, but performance dates remain fixed. Marianne Faithfull will perform Saturday Aug. 17; vocalist and jazz pianist Eliane Elias will take the stage Friday Aug. 23; Marcel Khalife will perform with his oud Saturday Aug. 24; Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s dance piece PUZ/ZLE, with the participation of vocalist El Hage, will be held Friday Aug. 30. [DailyStar]

Help Animals Lebanon Rescue A Tiny Kitten!

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If you have any idea on how to help [Animals Lebanon] rescue the little kitten, please do share it!

Challenging rescue – your ideas are welcome!

It is been three days in a row that our team have been trying to rescue a tiny kitten who fell off a very high ledge.

We were able to go down to her using secure ropes.
Unfortunately as soon as she sees people she would go and hide inside deep holes in the ground, which makes it impossible for us to reach her. In such cases, we usually use a humane trapping cage putting tempting food inside – when the cat steps inside the trap, he steps on a trip plate, which will trigger the door to close automatically without harming the cat.

We have installed the cage and put food inside but she didn’t go in. Still she is too stressed and not wanting to go inside. We will not give up on her and keep trying.

Any more creative ideas are welcome!

Remembering Riad Charara

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I just saw that there’s a Riad Charara Special on MTV tonight and remembered how much I loved this guy’s shows, specially “El Awwal 3al LBC”.

Here are few things I didn’t know about him though:

Riyad Charara started his career on television as a sports commentator. He was a school in the sports commentary for basketball games and athletics. Sharara was a legend, he commented on more than one Olympic game. He was also a basketball player and a member Al-Ahly Club and Al-Jazira Club.

He enriched the sports library with a set of books and articles. He also worked in the Al-Akhbar newspaper. Riad commented and presented a number Egyptian sport games. [Link]

Check out this old video of Riad Charara’s “Al Hossn” show:

And a very old interview with Sabah

Lebanese Landlords Getting Rich Off Syrian Refugees

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Picture from the Atlantic

Most of the Landlords and real estate companies are trying to rip us off Lebanese with their prices so it’s no surprise to find them trying to rip off Syrian refugees.

“The landlord is not a good man,” he says cautiously as the smile he wore just a minute earlier fades. “He’s greedy, and he’s become greedier since the rest of my family arrived.”

“Most of the stories we get include refugees renting out a room or sometimes a small piece of land, mainly in the Bekaa [near the Syrian border] and are having to pay a lot of money,” said Joelle Eid, a Public Information Associate at UNHCR.

Hassan, who asked his last name not be used for fear of retribution, says the landlord, an overweight local sheikh in his 50s, used to charge around $67 each month for a room. Mohammad, a 23-year-old refugee from Idlib, lives in a one-room apartment with three family members in Faraya, north of Beirut. He pays around $135 a month for what he describes as a broken down apartment where nothing works properly. He also says that his family is being charged more for the room than his Lebanese neighbors are for their homes. [Link]