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In Pictures: Explosions Rock Iranian Embassy Site in Jnah, Beirut

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Pictures from NBC

The two explosions that rocked Beirut today killed at least 23 people and injured around 150 others. The attack was perpetrated by two suicide bombers which is frightening to say the least as we haven’t had suicide attacks in years.

CNN showed a small video taken from Al-Manar of the explosion site. LebanonFiles had an album full of screenshots from Al-Manar as well.

Sincere condolences to the victims’ families.

The attack began when a suicide bomber riding a motorbike rushed the Iranian embassy and detonated a small two kilogram bomb, a security source told NOW.

Two minutes later, a second suicide bomber detonated a Renault Rapid packed with approximately 50 kilograms of explosives. [Now]





Pictures from NowLebanon

The National Campaign “Ardi Mesh Lal Bay3″

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Al Fersan Al Arbaa singing “Ardi Mesh Lal Bay3″ as part of the National Campaign launched by several ministries in Lebanon.

This is a very serious matter in Lebanon, specially in regards to Lebanese Christians, but nothing’s being done about it except songs and pointless campaigns apparently. There’s nothing wrong about selling lands to non-Lebanese but there’s a certain percentage that shouldn’t be exceeded which is not the case.

Since the Church is obviously concerned about this matter, they should consider opening a fund to buy lands from people who are desperate to sell and in need of money.

Lebanese Judge Sentences A Lebanese Woman To 3 Months In Jail For Beating Up Her Filipino Domestic Worker

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Drawing By Maya Zankoul

This is the second time a Lebanese Judge sentences a Lebanese woman to jail time and paying a fine for mistreating her domestic worker. It’s definitely a step in the right direction even though the incident took place back in 2008. The embassies of Madagascar and Ethiopia should follow the Philippines’ example by protecting their workers and filing lawsuits and even blacklisting Lebanon if needed.

You can read the full story [Here].