Lebanese Singer Aline Lahoud To Compete in The Voice – France

Update: Watch Aline Lahoud's performance . It looks like Aline Lahoud will be competing in the French Edition of The Voice this year. Aline is a very talented singer and the daughter of Salwa Al-Katrib, one of the best known singers in Lebanon and the Arab World. She will be the third Lebanese talent to compete in the Voice France after Johny Maalouf in 2012 and of course Anthony Touma in 2013. Good Luck to…

Lebanese Dr. Issam Khalil and Dr. Alfred Naaman Introduce New Product To Dentistry

2 years ago
[YouTube] The LBCI report caught my attention but for some reason, they didn’t mention the name of the product. I tried looking around and found a useful link to what is presumably the doctors’ invention. ...

Our Lebanese Cedar Is Our Identity: Adopt A Cedar Tree

2 years ago
Picture via CedarsBox.com As most of you probably know, Lebanon is known for its Cedars yet today cedar forests cover only 0.0002% of Lebanon’s surface, mainly due to the climate change, over-harvesting and of course ...

History Of Car Bombs In Lebanon

2 years ago
According to this 1992 article from Time Magazine entitled “Lebanon: The Terrible Tally of Death”, our country has witnessed 3,641 car bombs during the 1975-1990 civil war period, which resulted in the death of 4,386 ...
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Lebanese Ship Accused Of Dumping Dead Cows In The Baltic Sea

2 years ago
Picture via AFP Denmark and Sweden have been investigating for days how fourteen dead cows ended up on their shores and it seems it was a Lebanese ship who dropped the dead cows in the ...

Help Rebuild Lebanon’s Torched Al Sa’eh Library

2 years ago
I’ve been supportive of every initiative to help rebuild Al Sa’eh library in Tripoli, and I loved the book drive that was kicked off on January 8th and will last till the end of the ...

Bernard Khoury’s Penthouse in Beirut

2 years ago
That’s a pretty cool penthouse that the majority of Lebanese probably will never be able to buy. Check out more awesome pictures [Here]. This spacious penthouse in Beirut is owned by 45-year-old Lebanese architect Bernard ...

Speed Ticket Lebanon Mobile App

2 years ago
Note: The app is almost a year old but I only heard about it after reading some article about 600 speed tickets issued yesterday (I thought they stopped doing so) There’s an app available for ...