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Follow @tmclebanon For Road Updates In Lebanon

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Picture from The DailyStar

Most of you probably didn’t know that but we have a Lebanese Traffic Management Center which consists of 30 employees who work in shifts (teams of 10) 24 hours a day. The center shares information related to all roads in Lebanon, whether they are closed due to heavy snow, or there’s a lot of traffic etc …

To make things even better, the Lebanese Traffic Management Center has a twitter account (@TMCLebanon) which is updated with screenshots and useful info sometimes several times within an hour.

Lebanese Entrepreneur Soulaiman Itani Launches A Google Glass Competitor: Atheer Lightweight 3D glasses

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The two advantages these glasses have over Google Glasses are that they are 3D and they are lighter. The Atheer One is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2014, while the ADK is expected to ship in the first quarter.

You can check out a demo [Here].

Move over, Google Glass. A Lebanese entrepreneur and his cofounder have just debuted a pair of wearable glasses that displays augmented reality in three dimensions as opposed to Google’s two.

The glasses, built by Soulaiman Itani and Allen Yang at Atheer Labs in Mountain View, bring fantasies to life, allowing wearers to exercise with virtual targets, conduct conferences calls while browsing data online, and play three dimensional games, thanks to hand sensors and an advanced algorithm.

Those who were wowed by Pranav Mistry’s TED Talk about Sixth Sense technology will likely go gaga for Atheer, which also offers a 65 degree field of view as opposed to Google’s 12 degree frame in the corner of one’s view.

Today, it’s available on Indiegogo, for only $350; all it’s missing is precognition.

With a lightweight design and integration with Android such that it runs any and all Android apps, the glasses are designed for the everyman, founder and CEO Itani explains. While Google’s SDK allows developers to build apps for Google Glass, Atheer allows the million or so existing Android apps to function already within its platform, without any further work. Yet the company also has a custom-built SDK for those Android developers who do want to take advantage of its 3D functions. This, Itani explains, allow users to create virtual objects that they can leave in their environment or send to another location. [Source]

Avoid The Dekwaneh-Achrafieh Bridge

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Picture taken back in November 2013

This is a relatively new bridge and it’s already falling apart. Maskhara!

BEIRUT – The Internal Security Forces urged citizens to avoid driving on the Dekwaneh Bridge after structural damage put it in danger of collapse. “The iron joints of the Dekwaneh Bridge were damaged, creating gaps, which now constitute a threat to the safety [of drivers],” the ISF’s General Directorate said in a statement issued on Wednesday. “Citizens are kindly asked to avoid the bridge,” the statement added [NowLebanon]

This is how the bridge looked like yesterday – Pic via elNashra

Internet Speeds In The Middle East: Lebanon vs. UAE

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In Lebanon:
It takes on average 14 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 8 minutes and 26.33 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 28 minutes and 4.21 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

In the United Arab Emirates:
It takes 2.63 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 50.70 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 5 minutes and 15.79 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

If you wish to compare internet speeds between two countries, check out this [Link].


You can see below the download and upload internet speeds in the Arab world. Lebanon has the 2nd worst connection in the region while UAE tops the list.

United Arab Emirates
Average download speed: 15.20 Mbps (48/187)
Average upload speed: 7.89 Mbps (31/187)

Average download speed: 7.67 Mbps (87/187)
Average upload speed: 2.07 Mbps (125/187)

Average download speed: 7.10 Mbps (96/187)
Average upload speed: 5.08 Mbps (59/187)

Average download speed: 5.12 Mbps (119/187)
Average upload speed: 2.01 Mbps (129/187)

Average download speed: 8.87 Mbps (80/187)
Average upload speed: 3.45 Mbps (85/187)

Saudi Arabia
Average download speed: 9.93 Mbps (71/187)
Average upload speed: 2.40 Mbps (115/187)

Average download speed: 2.22 Mbps (174/187)
Average upload speed: 0.80 Mbps (175/187)

Average download speed: 3.89 Mbps (140/187)
Average upload speed: 3.68 Mbps (79/187)

Average download speed: 3.16 Mbps (158/187)
Average upload speed: 1.52 Mbps (146/187)

Average download speed: 2.85 Mbps (168/187)
Average upload speed: 0.79 Mbps (176/187)

Average download speed: 1.61 Mbps (181/187)
Average upload speed: 0.60 Mbps (184/187)