#UberCEDARS: Plant Your Own Cedar Tree This Independence Day

Uber is teaming up with Cedars Box this Independence Day and will be delivering Cedar trees on November 21st between 2PM – 5PM. The small Cedar tree will come in a small box with all the instructions needed to take good care of it. Cedars Box is a great initiative launched by Clement Tannouri, a nature lover and talented photographer, in an attempt to engage with Lebanese citizens and to encourage them to contribute actively…

Ziyad Baroud Says Lebanese Flags For Independence Day Non-Compliant

Ex-Minister Ziyad Baroud tweeted yesterday that the Lebanese flags raised in Beirut for Lebanon's Independence Day are nonconforming. In fact, and according to the Lebanese Constitution: "The Lebanese flag is made of red, white and red horizontal stripes, with the cedar in green in the centre of the white stripe. The white stripe should be two times a red one . The green Cedar in the middle touches each of the red stripes and its…

A Magical Journey Inside Jeita Grotto By The Lebanese Wanderers

2 weeks ago
Check out this short but stunning video shot inside Jeita Grotto by French filmmaker Stanislas Giroux for Lebanese Wanderers. The page’s aim is to celebrate Lebanon’s beauty and they’re always sharing beautiful pictures and videos. ...
Source: Mondanite

LibanPost Issues 15 Stamps to Honor Lebanon’s Independence Heroes

2 weeks ago
LibanPost celebrated Lebanon’s 73rd Independence Day by issuing stamps to honor 15 prominent figures who contributed to the country’s independence. Families and descendants of these figures were invited to launch the stamps and sign a ...

Hafez Assad Avenue in Beirut Renamed Camille Chamoun Avenue

2 weeks ago
I just heard on MTV that the Hafez Assad Avenue in Beirut was officially renamed to Camille Chamoun Avenue. I honestly have no idea why it stopped being Camille Chamoun’s Avenue but I’m glad it ...

The Victorious Coming to #Beirut This Sunday

2 weeks ago
For all football enthusiasts, here’s your chance to join The Victorious show and be one of 20 participants to join the Football Academy in Dubai! The Third Season of The Victorious is on and the ...

Khoury Home Goes Mad on Black Friday

2 weeks ago
There’s no better way to tell people to get ready for Black Friday and inform them about your new branch in Zahle. Hilarious ad! A job well done from Khoury Home. They should make this ...
Photo Credits: Al-Akhbar

New Lebanese Government Formation Talks are Shameful

2 weeks ago
We’ve all been making jokes about the US presidential elections and how Trump got elected but somehow we don’t find anything wrong with the way our current government is being formed. All sides have been ...

Internet Freedom Not Improving: Lebanon Still Partly Free

2 weeks ago
Freedom House 2016 report on Internet Freedom is out and Lebanon is still classified as being “Partly Free” with a score of 45/100, similar to last year’s result. The report stated that “the internet freedom ...
Source: Telegraph

We Should Show This Video to Lebanon’s Future Minister of Public Works

2 weeks ago
It took Japan two days to fix a 30m wide sinkhole in the city of Fukuoka. Sewage pipes were fixed, traffic lights and power lines replaced, and all the pipes back up all in less ...