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The Only Horoscopes You Should Listen To

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taleta2 Iza Mich el Tanen, el Khamis.

A friend weirdly emailed me horoscopes yesterday and told me that I should read them. Of course I was about to delete them at first but then I noticed there’s the La Libanaise des Jeux logo on the bottom and they turned out to be hilarious! I posted a couple of them, check out the rest on their page.

I also found and shared a couple of old ads posted right before the horoscopes that are also quite funny!




Thank u Richy!

8 Things to Consider Before Signing up to Netflix

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If you’re just getting started with Netflix, here are 8 tips for making the most of a Netflix streaming subscription:

1- Choose the right subscription plan:
Netflix subscription plan

It offers three types of subscription plans; Basic, Standard or Premium.

The Basic subscription plan is perfect for mobile-only users especially for people with a limited data plan, because movies will stream in SD and not HD.

The Standard or Premium plan work perfectly on multiple devices (for a single user or multiple users) whereby you can watch a movie or TV show at the same time, on different devices in different locations.

2- Create Multiple Users:
Who's Watching

If you are not the only one at home using Netflix, then make sure to create multiple users before you watch any movie. Netflix, and similar streaming platforms, work on a recommendation engine. The more you watch, the more will Netflix recommend shows that you might like. Your favorite shows will also be neatly displayed on the home screen under “shows you watch”.

If everyone in the family is watching under the default user, then your favorite shows will be mixed with the ones your family members have picked and Netflix will start recommending shows that will be tailored for all the members and not just for you.

3- Parental Control:
Parental Control

Netflix contains content for all ages. So, if you have kids, you surely need to turn the parental control setting on. This can be done from the website and it will automatically apply to all the devices you use.

You must create a user for your kids, as there’s a huge variety of animated movies and series that are tailor-made for your little ones.

Netflix Kids

I would also recommend the family movies section, it has a wide selection of films for parents and kids to enjoy together.

4- Watching on a big screen:
Big Screen

If you have any of these devices (Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast…), then you can enjoy watching Netflix on your big screen.

My favorite is the Apple TV because the interface is slick, and the new Apple remote control experience is fully optimized to get all the features out of the app with a few swipes and minimal effort. It is far better than controlling it with your console controller.

5- Mobile Data:

If you are watching movies on your mobile, then make sure you are always connected to WIFI for if there’s a streaming movie, it will drain your data plan and it will cause additional unwanted charges.

6- Internet Connection:

If your internet connection is anything less than 2Mbps then Netflix will NOT work properly but if you are on a +2Mbps connection, like most of the Lebanese, then here are a few tips to better optimize your experience:

Take your time to choose the movie and check the reviews on IMDB before watching. You don’t want to start a movie and then drop off 15 minutes later. It’s a waste of time and data consumption. The movie usually starts the first couple of minutes with a low quality pixelated video. But, you don’t have to worry about that as it will adjust automatically to enhance the quality. Avoid constantly skipping through the movie as it will increase the data consumption taking more time to reload the video with every leap.

Average data usage: Low-Medium (0.3-0.7GB per Hour), High (up to 7GB per Hour).

7- Watchouts:
Netflix Shows

One of the disadvantages of Netflix is that you cannot watch the currently running season of your favorite series; it will only be released after all the episodes have been aired. On the other hand Netflix has lots of original content that is not found elsewhere, noting that not all content is available in Lebanon due to legal rights.

Remember, ONLY the first month is free of charge by default but it will renew automatically by the end of the month cycle.

8- Alternatives to Netflix:
Amazon Prime - Hulu

Hulu: My personal favorite; a similar service to Netflix with an even better option whereby you may watch your favorite shows directly on the next day after the episode has been aired on TV. Unfortunately, this service is only available in the US.

Amazon Prime: Its library is not as rich as the others but it does include some original content like “The Man in The High Castle”.

Finally, here’s a useful link to easily browse all the Netflix content by genre.

Happy streaming!

He’s Gay? Why? What’s Wrong With Him?

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What happens when a Lebanese guy decides to come out? This animated video by the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health explains a young man’s struggle and how the majority of Lebanese still perceive homosexuality as mental illness, even though the Lebanese Psychological Association and the Lebanese Psychiatric Society both declared in 2013 that homosexuality is not a disease and does not require a treatment.

Watch and spread the word because homosexuality is not an illness nor a trend.


Zaffatleh El Tari2, He Gets My Vote

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Michelle & Noel Keserwany, the sisters behind the hilarious “Jagal el Usek” and “Panique Bil Parlement” video clips just released a new song called “Zaffatleh El Tarik”.

The song is spot on and right on time before the elections that should take place (hopefully) this year. I hope Lebanese will listen carefully to the lyrics and hold their Zaiims and MPs accountable this year for the disastrous situation we are in right now.


A Kind Reminder: Garbage Is Still Out There

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These pictures were taken in Dora yesterday and it’s probably even worse today. Meanwhile, the government is still undecided on where to send the garbage and the health and environmental risks associated with this crisis have already reached an alarming level.

In fact, the American University of Beirut’s K2P Center issued a report back in December 2015 stating that “alarming air levels of dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been identified, rendering this problem nothing short of an emergency”. They also added that “time lapse and changes in weather conditions have affected the release of toxins, contamination of food and water, and emergence of infectious diseases; thus necessitating immediate action”. [Full Report]

If you are looking to read more on the garbage crisis in Lebanon and its history, I recommend these two great pieces by Matt Nash:

[Recycling history: Lebanon set to repeat past mistakes]
[Dissecting a waste empire: How Lebanese governments created a trash monopoly]


On another note, riot police members were caught posing in their new uniforms.

isf Source

The Funniest Reactions To The Aoun-Geagea Agreement

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bousaab via LebaneseMemes

Lebanese are always ready to make jokes no matter what the occasion! Today was a historic day for some and a joke for others. Here are some of the funniest reactions that were shared online in the last few hours.

PS: Here’s the [song] that will top all charts this week. Thank u Michel!

zaffe Tfaddalo 3al buffet – via ElieFares

newflag New LF Flag – via LebaneseMemes

Elissakh Elissa being funny for a change

adeele Tweet of the day – via عديلة

mawtoura Hilarious stuff from Mawtoura

There Has NEVER Been A Confirmed Case of Satanism in Lebanon

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I was expecting another silly report when I first read the title but it turned out to be a decent report on satanism. I’m really glad MTV is finally making sense on that topic. Take aside the creepy intro, they actually explained that skulls are not satanic symbols and got a believer tattoo artist to explain that. Moreover, they clearly stated that music and satanism are not directly related and that rock, as well as trance and pop singers use satanism in their music.

More importantly, they stated there has NEVER been a confirmed case of satanism in Lebanon, which puts in question all previous reports and articles on satanism.

Just to remind you on how stupid this whole thing is, a Friday 13 themed party got mistaken two years ago for a devil worshiping party and people got arrested in the process. Also recently, a trance party got cancelled because some journalist wrote a stupid article claiming it’s a satanist party (Black Mass, Sacrifice rituals, recitation of prayers, digital drugs etc ..)

All in all, if you are still worried about attending devil worshiping parties, watch out for these signs:

1- Satanist parties usually last more than one night.
2- Arguile is forbidden there.
3- Jägermeister is their preferred alcohol.
4- They don’t play Ali el Deek songs.
5- They love blood so make sure you keep a bag of blood on you and spray it on them. If they enjoy it then run for your life!
6- They dance tirelessly for hours.
7- Guys don’t dress up and girls rarely wear heels.
8- Party venues are not fancy and consist of remote places or abandoned warehouses.
9- They don’t eat.
10- Digital drugs are distributed at midnight.
11- They hate cotillion.
12- Satanists like yoga.


What’s Happening To The Famous Red House in Hamra?

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I used to pass by this house a lot during my AUB years and I always took a peek inside. The Red House is one of Ras Beirut’s oldest houses and its most traditional ones. Its construction began in the 18th century and completed later on in the 20th century. I remember going once inside but I didn’t have any cameras back then (stupid phones era) to capture its beauty. All I know is that this place was a breath of fresh air in this polluted and crowded area and it is a gem that should be preserved.

Unfortunately, and just like most old houses in Beirut, the Red House is apparently being evicted of its tenants and could be demolished. One of the tenants posted a couple of days ago on FB saying they are being evicted, then AgendaCulturel wrote a whole article explaining what’s happening and a Facebook page was set up for saving Hamra’s Red House.

I don’t have the full story yet, but one of the articles mentioned that the current owner of the Red House wants to sell the place, noting that the house’s demolition should not allowed as there’s a report (still awaiting approval) submitted to the DGA (Direction générale des antiquités) and the Ministry of Culture that classifies the house as a historic one.

Keeping The Red House and other old houses is keeping our heritage alive. Let’s hope it works out and the house gets saved!

You can follow updates [here].

Update: The long-time tenants and house owners are apparently relatives and there seems to be issues between them. I won’t dig into the details but I hope they settle things and keep the house as it is a historic and symbolic house.

red house


Seriously? Two Syrians ARRESTED For Having Aids

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Update: The two Syrians who were arrested were accused of criminal transmission of HIV. Whoever posted this news in the first place should have got the whole story correct because the title was disgraceful and misleading. Read the clarification [here]. Thanks Patty!

Why would you arrest someone for having AIDS? Since when is it a crime to have AIDS? If anything, they should be sent to a hospital to be diagnosed and treated. The article is saying the arrest was done based on a “Lil Nasher” episode on Al Jadeed but no further details were given.

If these guys are involved in criminal activities or criminal transmission of HIV, then I could understand the arrest. Otherwise, this title is pure ignorance.