March is the Month of Francophonie, Here’s What’s Happening

March is the Month of the Francophonie in Lebanon and other French-speaking countries. The month full of events is organized with the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and the embassies of other French-speaking countries in Lebanon. Blog Baladi is a proud partner in this year’s “Mois de la Francophonie”, a yearly cultural highlight in Lebanon. Below, I’ve mentioned a few of the events I highly recommend, but…

Lebanese Mother of Four Gives Birth to Sextuplets

You know how they say that two children feel like ten? I wonder how having ten kids would feel like! A Lebanese mother of four got pregnant for the fifth time and is now a mother of ten! Mona and Youssef were not planning to have a fifth child and were surprised to know she was pregnant again and even more shocked to know she was having a sextuplet! The mother gave birth yesterday to…

A First: A Stand-up Comedy for The Deaf by Lebanese Comedian Wissam Kamal

1 month ago
Back in 2010, Lebanese stand-up comedian Wissam Kamal was performing at Al-Kafaat when he noticed one of the students was laughing at his jokes even though she was deaf. He learned later that she was ...

Fancy Fruits Shop Owner Tries to Justify LL200,000 “Janerik”

1 month ago
The owner of the shop selling “Janerik” (greengage) for 200,000LL per kilo showed up on LBCI a couple of days ago and claimed that it cost him almost $100 per kilo to get the fruit ...

Lebanese Women’s Struggle in One Infographic

1 month ago
Megaphone shared an infographic showing the various obstacles that Lebanese women had to overcome over the years in their struggle for women’s rights, and the many struggles that remain. The infographic showcases ten key stages ...

Abou Fouad From the “Yes” Commercials Has Passed Away

1 month ago
I just read that Robert Helou, better known as “Abou Fouad” from Procter & Gamble’s “Yes” commercials in the 70s, ’80s and even’ 90s has passed away. His commercials were the best back then and ...

111 Female Candidates Signed Up for May Elections, but will They Succeed?

1 month ago
In the 2009 elections, only 12 women were among the 706 candidates running for elections. In the 2018 elections, a record total of 111 women have submitted their papers to run for office. This is ...

Videos Explaining The 2018 Electoral Law/Voting Process

1 month ago
I stumbled upon few informational videos that will help you understand the new electoral law, the voting process and guide you on how to vote correctly in the upcoming 2018 elections. Some of them even ...

A First in Lebanese Elections? A Candidate with Special Needs

1 month ago
I received a couple of days ago a picture of a candidate for the upcoming elections accompanied by a sick joke. The person who sent it to me was asking me if I had heard ...

Cinema Returns to Tyre as Rivoli Reopens

1 month ago
After bringing back to life El Hamra cinema few years back to hold Tyre’s first ever international film festival, Kassem Istanbouli has taken the abandoned Rívoli Cinema of Tyre, for its restoration and opening as ...