A Powerful ICRC Video On Targeting Hospitals in War Zones

ICRC shared few days ago a powerful video aimed at shedding lights on health workers and hospitals being attached in war zones. The video entitled "Why We Can’t Save Her Life" shows a father driving his dying daughter to a nearby hospital only to find out that the hospital was bombed. From May 2016 to today, the ICRC has registered in 16 countries alone over 1,200 incidents of violence against health-care facilities or personnel. More…

R.I.P May Arida

May Arida, the President of Lebanon's prestigious Baalbek International Festival and "a name that raises so much values, so many memories" has passed away aged 92. Here's a small biography of Arida's numerous accomplishments and honors: - President of the Baalbek International Festival from 1973 till 2018 - President of the Lebanese Water Skiing Federation from 1953 till 1961. She organized the first world championship of water skiing in Lebanon. She also won once the…

Official Results of The 2018 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections & More

1 month ago
The official results were finally published online by the Interior Ministry, they included detailed results for every districts and every polling station. The results are all in PDF formats which sucks but fortunately there are ...

The Lebanese Bakery Now Open in London

1 month ago
The Lebanese Bakery is an authentic bakery located in Achrafieh and one of my favorite breakfast places in Beirut. They serve breakfast and brunch and make the best Kaak in town, in addition to their ...

Newly Elected MP Michel Daher Vows To Transfer Salary/ Benefits to the Lebanese Army

1 month ago
Most people I know associate Michel Daher with Daher Foods and Master Potato chips but little do they know that Daher Capital has been investing in public equity and alternative investment markets since the 1990s ...

MARCH’s Hona Beirut Cultural Hub & Garden Opening Saturday!

1 month ago
In 2017, MARCH began its Beirut project following the successful one in Tripoli. They started basically the same, with a play that grouped young men and women from marginalized neighborhoods, to talk about their daily ...

AUB Builds 60,000 Notebook Mosaic-Flag, Earns Guinness World Record

1 month ago
The American University of Beirut has officially become a Guinness World Record Holder after building the largest notebook mosaic-flag. The flag consisted of around 60,000 notebooks and was unveiled tonight on the Green field on ...

#Elections2018: Preliminiary Unofficial Results

1 month ago
These are the preliminary results I got so far. They’re not official yet (and incomplete) but they give you an indication on how the new parliament will look like. The turnout as you’ve all heard ...

Marcel Ghanem to Make First MTV Appearance Tonight

1 month ago
After announcing his departure from LBCI, Marcel Ghanem will officially make his first appearance on MTV tonight as part of a special coverage of the elections as the results are coming out. To be honest, ...

In Labneh We Trust, Taanayel Les Fermes Products Get “Patriotic” Design

1 month ago
It’s impossible not to notice Taanayel Les Fermes’ branded products for the elections at the supermarket. They’ve customized the package of their Labneh containers and other products with the Lebanese flag and featured several messages ...