A Message from 1 Lebanese Minister & 10 Little Engineers

Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui served as a Minister of Telecommunications between June 2011 and February 2014 yet unlike most ministers, he didn't fade away when his term ended but on the contrary has become even more active in the past couple of years and is doing his best to improve the internet situation in Lebanon and more importantly helping young Lebanese gain entrepreneurial and technological skills through initiatives, competitions and nation-wide programs such as the the…

More Lebanese Media F*ckups in Covering Istanbul’s Attack

As if broadcasting live from the homes of the victims wasn't bad enough, one of the TV stations tagged the wrong Rita Chami yesterday and shared a picture of her on its news website. The girl had to write a post to clarify to people that she didn't die and that they're talking about another Rita. On another note, an Al Manar journalist tweeted yesterday that Turkey should be paying that price and was hitting…

Leave The Families of Istanbul’s Terrorist Attack Victims Alone!

2 weeks ago
As soon as the news of Istanbul’s terrorist attack broke out, and following preliminary reports that there were at least ten Lebanese in the Reina club, Lebanese media rushed to broadcast live from the homes ...

No Casualties Reported (So Far) On New Year’s Eve [2017]

2 weeks ago
It looks like the exceptional measures taken by the Internal Security Forces & Lebanese Army, as well as the awareness campaigns and free-taxi initiatives have paid off as no casualties were reported so far on ...

A Message to All on New Year’s Eve

2 weeks ago
Here’s a message from AUBMC to all the Lebanese. They don’t want to see you or any of your relatives or friends tonight. Drive safe or don’t drive at all if possible and enjoy your ...

Santa is Coming to Town – With a Lebanese Twist

3 weeks ago
The band is called Iyam El Lira and is formed of young talented Lebanese musicians whose mission is to reach out to new generations and remind them of the good old songs by adding a ...

2016 Statistics: Car Accidents Down by 20%

3 weeks ago
According to the Internal Security Forces numbers (Source: Annahar), car accidents dropped by 20,62% in 2016 when compared to 2015. The last 12 months (Up to December 21) witnessed 3318 accidents which resulted in 4495 ...

Good & Bad News For The Families of Captive Lebanese Soldiers

3 weeks ago
16 Lebanese Army soldiers were released a year ago by Al Nusra front in exchange for 13 prisoners and 5 women, but nine are still ISIS captives and there are still no news regarding their ...

Bar Tartine’s Christmassy #Stollen Bread is a Must-Try!

3 weeks ago
It’s no hidden secret that I love Bar Tartine. Everything tastes great there and the #stollen bread they’ve introduced this year is one of my favorite Christmas treats. Stollen is a traditional German bread prepared ...

What I Learned As a Jury Member of “Product of the Year”

3 weeks ago
We’ve all seen the “Product of the Year” (POY) label in red on products’ ads and on supermarket shelves. I myself have been invited several times to attend the ceremonies where the different categories’ POY ...