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All About Brazil’s Humiliating 7-1 Defeat To Germany

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451870520 Image by Michael Steele

I still can’t believe Germany won that easily yesterday against Brazil, and I really feel bad for Brazil fans as this is by far the most humiliating defeat Brazil has ever witnessed. In fact, it is even worse than the 1950 loss because the Brazilian team didn’t even put on a fight, and if the 2-1 loss to Uruguay at Maracanã Stadium still haunts the Brazilian team, I don’t know how they will get over yesterday’s trashing.

Being a German fan, I couldn’t be happier and this win is even more satisfying than winning the world cup, which I hope Germany will win of course! Anyway, since we’ve witnessed history in the making yesterday, here’s all you need to know about yesterday’s game:


– Klose scored his 16th World Cup goal to become the leading World Cup scorer of all time ahead of Ronaldo of Brazil and Gerd Muller.
– Germany has now scored more goals (223) than any other team in World Cup history.
– Brazil’s loss is the worst loss by a host team in World Cup history.
– Germany scored 4 goal in 6 minutes, which never happened in any World Cup edition.
– Thomas Muller has now scored 10 times in two World Cups and he’s only 24.
– The last time Brazil lost in a competitive match on home soil was back in 1975 against Peru at the very same Mineirao Stadium.
– Germany has now made it to the World Cup final for a record-breaking eighth time.

maradona Maradona rubbing salt into the wounds via @Football_Tweet

Moving on to the fun part, here are 18 things more likely to happen than Brazil winning the World cup 2014 after yesterday’s performance, and some of the fun memes and photos that emerged during and after the game.




Here are all the goals for those who missed the game:


Lebanon-Inspired World Cup Flags: #CheerResponsibly

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leb worldcup

These drawings were done by Rawad Hajj in an attempt to remind football fans in Lebanon about more important priorities in their country like water, electricity and poverty.

To be honest, I don’t think people have forgotten about these matters, but the world cup is like going on a vacation for a lot of people, specially the football fans, and there’s nothing wrong in ignoring everything happening around us and enjoying the best football competition ever once every 4 years.


beIN Sues TeleLiban For Airing World Cup Games

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I am sure the issue will be settled somehow soon but it looks like beIN wishes to humiliate us some more before the World Cup ends.

beIN Sports has filed a lawsuit against the state-run Tele Liban for airing the World Cup games for free and without permission, TL announced on Saturday evening.

“beIN decided to sue the nation’s television channel TL over airing the World Cup matches,” sports analyst at the state’s network Ali Alawiyeh announced right before the Brazil-Chile game kicked off on Saturday evening.

Tele Liban started broadcasting its first 2014 World Cup match on June 16, although a deal reached between the government and beIN Sports’ sole agent in Lebanon did not involve granting TL the rights to air the tournament. [Naharnet]

Lebanese Fan Defects From Italian Football Team

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I guess he’s a glory hunter, or as Figo would describe him, he supports whoever is winning and getting the results, while claiming they he has been supporting them before the inception of mankind. That’s a funny video nevertheless, I hope it doesn’t get him into trouble.

Check out the 8 types of FIFA World cup fans you’ll encounter in Lebanon and the 4 other types that my friend Mohammad added.

Riyadi Beirut Defeats Sagesse To Clinch Its 24th Lebanese Basketball Championship Title

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I think what matters the most is that the series finally came to an end and someone won fair and square without fights or politics involved. It’s quite unfortunate that fans were banned from watching the last 3 games, but it was necessary and I hope both teams will learn how to control their fans next year. As for the federation, I am glad they decided to keep the series going and I urge them to take the appropriate measures to avoid any clashes next year and have a very strict policy towards all the teams and players.

All in all and despite everything that happened, I think this year was one of the best in terms of competitiveness and the years to come promise to be even better.