Sunday Morning Escape

You might have visited every city in the country, but if you have not experienced Lebanon by bike then you have definitely been missing out. Three years ago, my friends got me a bike, they were certain that it was going to end up in the garage with layers of dust covering it. To everyone’s surprise, from that day, I have been biking every single weekend. Sunday for me, has drastically changed from a lazy…

Twelve Things You Always Hear in a Lebanese Basketball Game

If a team loses, they blame the referee. If a team wins, the other team's fans attack them. If the fans are banned from watching, the players get into a fight. If the teams don't like some new rule, they blame the federation. The sad part is that some referees are terrible and should be fired and the federation is almost as incompetent as all the previous ones. And let's not forget the 3-foreign players…

Here’s Your Chance To Meet World Football Legends in Lebanon

6 months ago
World football legends might be coming to Lebanon on September 10 to play a game at the Fouad Chehab Sports Stadium in Jounieh. The final list of players and details of the event will be ...

Here’s How Beirut’s F1 Grand Prix Would Have Looked Like

6 months ago
Lebanon almost won the bid to host an F1 track back in 1999. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was fond of the idea and F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting visited Lebanon to inspect the proposed track. ...

Beirut Marathon’s Typo (“Strat” Instead of “Start”) Explained

6 months ago
I was earlier today at the Beirut Marathon Youth Race that was taking place in Dbayyeh and the banner at the beginning of the race said “Strat” instead of “Start”. I thought it was a ...

Sagesse (Hekmeh) Players Went on Strike Over Non-Payment of Salary

6 months ago
I was told by a friend who’s a loyal Sagesse fan that the players have stopped going to practice since Thursday until they get paid. Hekmeh players only got paid once this entire season and ...

An Epic Mistake From Al Mustaqbal Newspaper

7 months ago
Not only did they include Hekmeh twice in the Lebanese Basketball League table, but they mistakenly took out Riyadi (Sporting) and put Hekmeh (Sagesse) in the lead. On another note, what’s up with the total ...

Lebanese Goalkeeper Hassan Bittar Suspected Of Match-Fixing by FIFA

7 months ago
The football game between Al-Ahed Beirut and Altyn Astyn from Turkmenistan was flagged as a “suspicious match” in FIFA’s anti-corruption system and Al Ahed’s goalkeeper is suspected of match-fixing following his horrendous goalkeeping mistake. If ...

#Rio2016: Chirine Njeim First Lebanese Olympian Lady to Compete in the Marathon Distance

7 months ago
Chirine Njeim is one of Lebanon’s best alpine skiers and has represented Lebanon at the 2002, 2006 and the 2010 Winter Olympics. This year, she is taking part in the Rio 2016 Marathon race and ...

Lebanese Basketball: Foreign Players Scoring Almost 70% Of Total Points

8 months ago
Lebanese (bench warming) players via SportsCode Back in October 2015, I criticized the decision to allow three foreigners players to play in Lebanese Basketball teams and said that it would kill local talent and would ...