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Austrian David Lama First To Climb the Magical Balou3 Balaa In Tannourine

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Austrian Sport Climber and Mountaineer David Lama chose Lebanon as the location for his latest adventure and decided to climb Tannourine’s famous sink hole to become the first ever climber to do so. Lama was helped by Lebanese Jad Khoury and described the Baatara gorge as one of the most difficult climbs he’s ever done. They named the gorge “Avaatara”, a combination of ‘Avatar’ and Baatara in reference to its surreal settings.

And reality surpassed the image. “When I walked in for the very first time, I almost thought this can’t be real. The sinkhole is a magical place: Waterfalls dropping in there almost a hundred metres, three, beautiful, natural arches, the blue and orange rock, a perfect contrast – simply beautiful. In combination with the lush green plants, it immediately made me think of the surreal landscape in the movie ‘Avatar’,” David Lama says, “it’s not very common that you get to such a stunning location and there’s nobody who’s ever climbed it.” [Source]

The video is quite amazing! Check it out:



Discovering Lebanon, The Lebanon We Love, Through The Eyes Of Silvio Chiha

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Enough with the garbage talks and the ugly pictures we’ve been seen for over a week now, here’s an breathtaking movie showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese water skiing champion, and the lens of my good friend Charbel Bouez.


Sit back and enjoy the beautiful Lebanon we know and that we want to show to the world!


Lebanese Sarah Khalife Wins A Bronze Medal At The 2015 Los Angeles Special Olympics

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Sarah Khalife has just won a Bronze Medal in the Aquatics 100M Free Style for Lebanon at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games that are being held in Los Angeles. Sarah is not the only member of the Lebanese delegation as there are 13 other athletes competing in different events. I looked them up on the LA Special Olympics website:

Hala Abdouni
Rami Aboullatif
Rami Masri
Elissa Harik
Mohammad al Agha
George Boutros
Joyce Issa
Mahmoud Jalloul
Hassan Chaaban
Saad el Ghadban
Rabah Knio
Ayman Malaaeb
Ibrahim Melhem

special olympcis

Congrats to Sarah and best of luck to all our athletes!

Sara 3rd

Team Lebanon Impressing At The IMMAF 2015 World Championships: Two Fighters In The Semi-Finals!

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Updated & Final Results:
– Joeshwa Mortada and Imad hoayek got eliminated in the semi-finals of the IMMAF amateur world championship 2015 but secured two bronze medals.
– Wissam Abi Nader was officially elected as a new board member of the IMMAF – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

Congrats to Wissam, Joeshwa, Imad and everyone who made us proud at the tournament.

Team Lebanon is taking part in the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World Championship in Last Vegas and our MMA fighters are impressing once again. Both fighters Joeshwa Mortada and Imad Hoayek have made it to the semi-finals after convincing wins. Imad “Caveman” Hoayek beat Germany’s Daniel Mullet Keith in the first round, then Dante Jackson from New Zealand and will face Brendan Allen from the US in the semi-finals. As for Joeshwa “The Baptist” Mortada cruised through the first two rounds easily before defeating the much experienced Polish opponent Kacper Formela by setting up a slick armbar through the third round.

Let’s show support for our athletes and coaches and hope they reach the final rounds and clinch a gold medal for Lebanon! I will update the post as soon as the fights are over.


Here are a couple of videos from the tournament showing our Lebanese champions taking down their opponents. You can follow all updates on [].



PS: Thumbs up to Tristar Gym Lebanon and my friend Wissam Abi Nader for these impressive results!

Is It Ok To Brag About Steve Kerr Being The First Lebanese-Born Coach To Win An NBA Title?

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kerr5 via NYPost

I always knew Steve Kerr was born in Beirut, ever since he won back to back championships with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Kerr was the son of Malcom Kerr, a former president of the American University of Beirut in Beirut who was murdered by a terrorist back in 1984. Steve Kerr spent much of his childhood in Lebanon and Cairo before moving back to the US. He became the head coach of the Golden State Warriors this year and won the NBA title after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals. That was a major achievement for Kerr and the Warriors as their last NBA title was back in 1975!

Moreover, that makes Steve Kerr the first Lebanese-born coach to win an NBA title, and what’s even more interesting is that the Cavs’ head coach David Blatt also has Middle Eastern origins, as he’s a dual American-Israeli citizen and a former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier. He was being cheered by Israelis and he even addressed them after his loss stating that “When I got seven million people waking up and then feeling bad all day because we didn’t win, you know that’s a heck of a thing to carry around all day.”

I’m quite surprised no one turned Kerr’s win into a victory over Israel yet but it will come. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always admired Kerr as a player and as a coach and it doesn’t hurt to point out he was born in Beirut. He’s a great coach and he totally deserved to win the title this year!

Here’s one of the most memorable moments in Kerr’s career, where Michael Jordan passed him the ball in Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 1997.


Champions League Final (Juventus vs. Barcelona) GiveAway: The Winning Team’s Jersey From Football Shop Hamra

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Update: Congrats to Sami Hert for winning the jersey and guessing the right score!

Football is a very popular sport in Lebanon but there aren’t that many shops that are purely dedicated to football where you can find everything from jerseys, shoes, scarfs, mugs, balls, figurines, DVDs, flags etc. In fact, the only place I know in Lebanon is Football Shop in Hamra and what I love about this shop is that its owners are hardcore football fans and take part in almost every football-related event in Lebanon. They are always sponsoring and supporting fan clubs and one of the guys who works there (Tarek) is a good friend (even though he’s a Manchester United fanatic :P) and is very active on Twitter.

I passed by the shop today to pick up a couple of things for tonight’s finale and found an awesome Retro Juventus 1970 jersey, as well as an awesome Maradona shirt back from his Napoli years. I even found a Spurs jersey. I ended up buying the Juventus Retro jersey and a tiny German jersey for my future kid 🙂


The shop is organized according to leagues (EPL, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1) and there’s a small section for the national teams as well. In the middle there’s a whole section of cool tshirts, figurines, DVDs and other gadgets. There are also huge posters and flags and the best part is that you can print your name instantly there and don’t have to wait for the second day like other shops. Needless to say, everything is authentic.

Moving on to the giveaway, and since the Champions League final is tonight, I thought I’d prepare a small competition for the football fans and Football Shop agreed to give away the jersey of the winning team to one lucky reader. All you have to do is the following:

– Follow me and the Football Shop on Instagram.
– Guess who’s gonna win the finale tonight to enter the draw. There’s no need to mention the score but whomever gets it right will get a extra special gift.

You need to leave a comment on the blog post and I will draw the winner’s name as soon as the game ends. I’m personally cheering for Juventus but it’s gonna be very hard to defeat Barcelona tonight.




For more info regarding Football Shop, check their [Facebook page], their [website], their [instagram] and their [Twitter] account.

NB: You need to put your proper email in the email field while commenting since winner will be contacted by email. You can only comment once, anyone caught commenting more than once will get disqualified.

Roger Feghali Has Just Won The 50th Edition Of The Antibes Côte D’Azur Rally 2015!

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Lebanese Rally driver Roger Feghali has become the first Arab driver to win the famous Antibes Côte D’Azur in France after beating Jean-marie Cuoq, the Championship leader, in the final classification. Roger competed last year and was going strong before he had to retire, but he came back this year and dominated the event in his Ford Focus WRC.

Feghali and Matar beat Citroen C4 WRC driver Jean-Marie Cuoq by more than 2 minutes, which is a very comfortable margin. This marks Roger’s fourth rally victory of 2015, after dominant wins in Jordan and in Lebanon (31st Spring Rally and 4th Jezzine Rally). Feghali won’t score points from this rally as he’s Lebanese but it’s still quite an achievement to beat talented international rally drivers in a entry list that included 135 drivers.

Congrats to Roger on this amazing achievement!

Roger-Feghali-Antibes-Rally-2015-pic-750x400 via BiSer3a

Here’s a small footage showing Roger’s car and there are over videos on [] and [] for those interested.


Lebanon Favourite To Qualify To The 2017 Rugby League World Cup

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14 teams will participate in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, out of which 7 automatically qualified and the 7 remaining will be determined after four regional qualification tournaments. Lebanon is playing in the Middle East/Africa region and needs to defeat South Africa to qualify. The Cedars team has already beaten Malta easily and is performing strongly at the moment.

We’ve already missed out on the last two World Cups but Lebanon seems well placed this year to make it to qualify so let’s keep our fingers crossed! Lebanon will play South Africa on 30 October 2015 in Dubai.

For Rugby fans, you can check out their game against Malta [here].

Thanks Mahmoud!

Lebanese Basketball Player Wael Arakji Has Declared For The 2015 NBA Draft!

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Lebanese point guard and Riyadi (Sporting Beirut) player Wael Arakji has reportedly entered the 2015 NBA draft after his performances caught one of the NBA scouts’ attention. The news came after @DraftExpress tweeted the news and stated that Wael’s stats aren’t super impressive, but he looks interesting on film as he’s big for a point guard and very quick.

Arakji is only 20. He’s 6’4 and has been playing with Riyadi for 4 years now. Arakji is averaging 7.5 points and 3 assists per game. This is great news for Wael and I hope we will see him next year in the NBA League!

Check out more info [here].


PS: Someone did a video comparing Wael’s moves to Goran Dragic, Miami Heat’s Point guard.


Follow Haig Melikian: A Lebanese-Armenian Who Loves Biking And Nature

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If you like biking and nature, Haig Melikian is definitely someone worth following in Lebanon. I’ve been following Haig since Day1 and I love all his pictures. Whether it’s really hot or freezing cold, Haig is always on his bike and sharing the most amazing pictures wherever he goes. His videos are also pretty cool.

I used to love biking during spring and I remember we used to take trips from Hrajel to Afka where the cave and the waterfalls are. It’s a lot of fun and makes you discover amazing places in Lebanon. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I went on a bike trip and seeing Haig’s pictures makes me miss it more.

I shared some of Haig’s pictures below (with his permission of course), and you can check out his profile [here].