Ogero Tests 600MBps Connection at Audi Branch – ABC Verdun

As part of its Unleash the Speed campaign, Ogero & the Telecom Ministry tested out a 600MBps connection at Bank Audi's latest branch at ABC Verdun. That's a pretty awesome speed to have, almost 600 times faster than what I currently have haha! I don't think any of us will need such speeds at home or even at work but such a test shows Ogero's preparedness to deliver such speeds when the infrastructure is ready.…

Why I Still have Faith in Ogero’s New Management

I've been following up on the internet situation ever since I started blogging and it saddens me to say that nothing much has changed ever since. It's been 7 years now and we're still being promised fiber optics but in reality, internet is shit and if it wasn't for 3G/4G connections, half the country would have been running on a 2Mbps connection, if not less. The MOT's 2020 plan that was announced with Minister Harb…

8 Cool Samsung Galaxy S8 Features You Should Be Using

3 months ago
I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for over a month now and it’s an absolute stunner inside out. Whether it’s the Infinite display, the slick design, the screen quality, the processor, the camera, the UI, ...

Lebanon Among The Three Worst Countries in Average Fixed Broadband Speeds -[2017]

4 months ago
The Speedtest Global Index ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis. As of July 2017, Lebanon ranked in 131st spot, out of 133! We’re the worst ranked country ...

The First Batch of #Agrytech Startups Are Here

4 months ago
I’ve been meaning to shed more light on the startup scene and the whole ecosystem in Lebanon for quite some time now. Ever since the Circular 331 came to be, we’ve witnessed a rise in ...

iflix Launches in #Lebanon

4 months ago
The Asian-based video-on-demand service iflix has officially launched in Beirut last week and Lebanese users can already sign-up for a 30-day trial. For those of you who are not familiar with the service, Iflix was ...

Careem Now Available in Jounieh

4 months ago
Careem launched in Beirut two or three years ago if I’m not mistaken but they only recently started to market themselves properly. As of last week, Careem has announced that it’s launching in Jounieh. Being ...

Ogero Unleashes Open Speeds, Claims 60% of Users Affected

5 months ago
Yesterday around 11 PM, I asked a friend of mine in Daychounieh to do a speed test and he got twice the connection speed (3.8Mbps) he usually gets. In fact a lot of people were ...

10 Bad Excuses for Slow Internet You only Hear in #Lebanon

5 months ago
During the past few weeks, I pretty much spent my days and nights calling support to fix my internet, whether it was Ogero or Connect or Wise. While I was waiting for my Ogero cable ...

Should I Drop my DSL Connection Till Fiber Optics are Here?

5 months ago
Back when I was still living with my parents, our Ogero DSL connection was bad because the cables are old based on what the Ogero people told me back then (2011?). When I moved to ...