Jounieh Festival Fireworks

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I don’t know how I missed those fireworks even though I live in Jounieh. They must have been on Friday when I was outside Jounieh. Pretty impressive fire works.

11 thoughts on “Jounieh Festival Fireworks

  1. Jenjen

    Impressive!!!Not at all… They are polluting the air and we are breathing all this crap plus they are banned in most civilized countries.

    1. Ramzi

      I thought Australia (Sydney fireworks), USA (every single american football game or even baseball game) and Europe (during the Euro Cup) are civilized countries my friend.

  2. haissam

    That looks stunning, especially the way they lined them up on the waterfront. Wish I was there to see it 🙁

    Jenjen, name one “civilized” country which completely banned fireworks? For gods sake you don’t have to criticize everything, all major cities celebrate events with fireworks, no exceptions. Jounieh decides to do it and all of a sudden its an ethical dilemma. hahaa

  3. jeff

    July 4th? That’s one day a year. In defense of Jenjen if this happens all the time then it is absurd. Please put it in context.

  4. Ronman

    I’m partly with JenJen, i really like a good firework display but in Lebanon it’s as usual done to a degree it get very absurd.

    but I must say that those photos are stunning, never had the chance to take a proper exposure shot from such a distance, the photo from the hills facing the sea is really nicely timed.

    but i live next to Ociel, and they fire out about 7 to 15 minutes of Booms at least 4 sometimes 5 times a week, and they always do it late, after 11 pm in the middle of a residential area. i feel like taking a grenade to the place every-time, the loud bangs wake my daughter up freaking out every-night, i feel for all the kids in the vicinity up to 2 km from the place. no one is shielded because it’s at the highest point in the area. some time ago, the biggest firework display and the loudest would be the 14th of July night at Rimal hosted by the french embassy for their independence day that was exquisite and somethign to look forward to… now it’s just mehhhh

    even then the weddings used to have just the sparkling things (jabal nar) without all the bangs… why do you ahve to celebrate your wedding and make other people’s lives especially kids so miserable. invest the money in charity… that’s what i’d do

  5. Alex

    Which civilized countries have banned fireworks?
    DisneyLand in the US has a fireworks show every night 🙂
    Baseball games I’ve attended also featured fireworks in case of victory.

    14th July in France used to have also a large fireworks show.

    Add to that New Year where all the capitals in the world fight for the best show.

    Now Fireworks in leb takes it to another level since we have it almost every night for no real purpose lol

  6. Mark

    Actually based on the photos u posted it looks like they fired them only once, captured the shot and that was it. Explains why they lasted for only 2 minutes.

  7. haissam

    do you think it would be possible to provide a link to higher resolution versions? this would look really pretty as a wallpaper haha


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