Meet Lebanese Nadim Kobeissi, creator of Cryptocat

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I hope he doesn’t end up in courts like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did.

Twenty-one-year-old college student Nadim Kobeissi is from Canada, Lebanon and the internet. He is the creator of Cryptocat, a project “to combine my love of cryptography and cats”. Cryptocat is an encrypted web-based chat. It’s the first chat client in the browser to allow anyone to use end-to-end encryption to communicate without the problems of SSL, the standard way browsers do crypto, or mucking about with downloading and installing other software. For Kobeissi, that means non-technical people anywhere in the world can talk without fear of online snooping from corporations, criminals or governments. [Link]

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7 thoughts on “Meet Lebanese Nadim Kobeissi, creator of Cryptocat

  1. Mark

    WTF, why would he end up in the courts? Because he created an encrypted web based chat? You know that’s not illegal right?

    1. Najib Post author

      It’s not but the US authorities don’t seem very happy about it and they are already giving him a hard time. Keep in mind Assange was sent to court for sexual assaults and rape not wikileaks.


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