What Will You Do For Your Rd Angus Burger?

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Roadster is launching a pretty cool competition, where you have to upload a video on Instagram about your favorite RD Angus burger and get the change to win a 2 week trip to the US. The videos they are posting are pretty fun, even though that one above might get some people into trouble lol!

I will think of something fun and upload it.

Rules of the competition:
1- Upload a 15 sec instagram video about your favorite RD Angus burger with #RDBurger2USA and follow @roadsterdiner before September 20th.

2- The jury will choose 6 finalist videos by October 1st.

3- The public voting on our facebook page will start on October 1st and end on October 15th.


Jounieh Municipality Warning Locals Not To Litter

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I really find it shameful that there are still Lebanese who throw their garbage on the streets and litter everywhere they go, and I partially blame the municipalities and authorities for that. I’ve been walking and jogging in Jounieh and ATCL for the past month or so, and the streets are not clean at all, not even in Jounieh’s souks. There’s garbage here and there, and there’s dog poop all over the ATCL sidewalk. I’ve seen numerous times people walking their dogs at ATCL and stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to let them take a crap and just go on with their walk as if nothing happened. It’s disgusting and gross but there’s nothing we can do about it if the municipality is not serious enough to implement the law and penalize those who litter.

Just take a look at this warning issued above and how it was hung randomly on an electric pole by the municipality. It says “final warning” but I doubt that anyone will take the municipality seriously if they don’t make a small effort and do it properly. For all I know, what they’re doing is called littering as well as the paper won’t last long on the pole or will be torn down by kids playing around.

Is This A Crime Scene?

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crime Picture via Naharnet

A Lebanese called Elias Kfouri was killed today during a failed shop robbery in the Jal el-Dib area. I found these pictures which are apparently from the crime scene and they’re just wrong.

Who the hell seals a crime scene with fruit crates? Don’t they have crime scene tapes? Anything better than crates?

Here’s a [link] to the full story behind Elie’s murder.


Lebanon’s Vineyards: How To Make The Sexiest Wine On The Planet

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Lebanon’s wine industry has been suffering lately due to the recent events in Syria and Lebanon. The number of visitors to Lebanon’s vineyards, specially those in the Bekaa, has dropped and wine exports have dropped as well. I want to believe that this is just temporary but things are not going to end in Syria anytime soon unfortunately. At this point, what we are still hoping for is for Lebanon to stay away from trouble.

Check out the CNN report [Here].

In Lebanon’s picturesque Bekaa Valley, life moves at a gentle pace. Tractors trundle along narrow country roads while sleepy vineyards blossom beneath the pleasant glare of the mid-afternoon sun. It’s here, amidst this green and fertile hinterland, that the roots of Lebanon’s modern wine making industry have borne fruit. But conflict across the wider Middle East region has disrupted this idyllic country scene in recent years. According to Charles Ghostine, managing director of local winemaker Chateau Ksara, tourists have been put off from traveling the Bekaa Valley because of the violence unfolding nearby.

“We [Lebanon] produce eight million bottles of wine a year which may sound like a lot but if we compare that to Turkey, which produces 70 million, Cypriots around 35 to 40 million. Israelis produce about 50 million — so even on a regional scale we’re tiny. Global scale? We’re a dot.”

Thanks Nad!