Founder of Syrian Union LB Facebook Page Arrested

LBC reported just now that the person behind the "Syrian Union in Lebanon" page, also known as "اتحاد الشعب السوري في لبنان" was arrested by the Lebanese authorities. He's a 24 years old Syrian who lives in Ta3mir Ain el Helwe. It would be interesting to know how they managed to track him back? Did they request information from Facebook or trick him somehow into revealing his identity? Who was funding him? Because it's hard…

Lebanese Joe Zgheib Unlucky Run at Ninja Warrior

I stumbled upon this video of a Lebanese Parkour athlete called Joe Zgheib who was taking part presumably in Ninja Warrior Arabia. Joe crossed all the obstacles quite easily and slipped just as he was about to hit the bell and got disqualified. I don't remember ever seeing someone fail at this stage of the race. He's so unlucky!

Pro and Anti-Lebanese Army Protests on Tuesday in Beirut

The Syrian Union in Lebanon is calling for a peaceful protest on July 18th at the Samir Kassir square in Beirut against the practices of the Lebanese Army & Lebanese authorities towards the Syrian refugees. The organizers are condemning "the racist & murderous practices against Syrian refugees" in Arsal following the latest raid on two Syrian refugee camps of Nawar and Qareiah in the town of Arsal. Lebanese Army supporters obviously were not fond of…

Watch the 2017 Jounieh International Festival Fireworks with Michel Fadel

We witnessed yesterday Jounieh's second major fireworks show this summer, which was organized by the Jounieh International Festival. I enjoyed them more than the ones held a month ago by Jounieh's summer festival but I was expecting something more spectacular to be honest. I love that they got Michel Fadel to perform during the fireworks show but the fireworks were not really in sync with the music. Still it was a nice show. Check it…

Ogero Unleashes Open Speeds, Claims 60% of Users Affected

1 week ago
Yesterday around 11 PM, I asked a friend of mine in Daychounieh to do a speed test and he got twice the connection speed (3.8Mbps) he usually gets. In fact a lot of people were ...

Kickass Lebanese Wrestling Championship on Sunday 16th of July 2017

1 week ago
If you love wrestling, we have some pretty cool competitions that take place every summer in Lebanon. The ones I’ve heard of in the past years took place in Mayrouba, Saida, Jourit el Termoss and ...

Did you Like Fairouz’s “Yemken” Song?

1 week ago
Fairouz is releasing a new album on September 22 which will feature ten new songs. The album is the first collaboration with Fairouz’s daughter Reema Rahbany who is producing the album and the first time ...
Animals & Wildlife

Dog Chained on Adloun Highway

1 week ago
Several people apparently reported spotting a dog chained on the Adloun highway so a guy rushed to his help and filmed the whole thing. I’ve never seen something like that and I have no idea ...