Can Lebanese Still Take a Joke?

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Lebanese can no longer take a joke these days. No matter how offensive or lame the joke is, someone will figure out a way to make a fuss out of it and dramatize it. Yesterday our president had a slip of the tongue which turned into memes and jokes within seconds online, a matter that upset his supporters of course. Instead of ignoring the whole thing, some TVs…

Footage Showing Dog Being Cruelly Dragged Behind Municipality Truck in Fanar

Poisoning stray dogs or shooting them dead while everyone's asleep is no longer needed in Lebanon. Some municipalities couldn't care less what people think or about animal rights and are now exercising their savage methods in broad day light. The latest is this video in Fanar showing a stray dog being dragged behind a truck before two brave men stopped the driver and rescued the dog. Tfeh!

Scorpions Back in Lebanon on October 27

The legends of rock are coming back to Beirut for another live concert at the seaside arena on October 27. The German band announced their retirement back in 2010 but then went on a "Farewell" tour and now they're embarking on the "The Crazy World Tour" which may or may not be their last. I missed out on their last concert in Byblos but I was told they kicked ass, which is why I'm considering…

Lebanese Army Ads [2018]

2 weeks ago
Here’s a roundup of the Lebanese Army Day ads I found this year. Unlike other celebrations, I never really understood why agencies and brands would go this far in showing their love to the Army ...

Mobile Data Consumption Up by 70% from 2017

2 weeks ago
Businessnews reported last week that data consumption through mobile phones between 2016 and 2017 has increased by 78% for Alfa users and 66% for Touch users, and that the annual data consumption is expected to ...
Animals & Wildlife

Ten Old Army Tanks Sunk in Sidon’s Sea To Create new Habitat for Marine Life

2 weeks ago
Ten old army tanks were dumped off the coast of Sidon in an attempt to create a new haven for wildlife in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as attract tourists and divers to the area. ...

Fayrouz Dubbed #AllTimeGreat on Forbes’ Arab Stars List

2 weeks ago
Forbes Middle East compiled two lists of Arab Celebrities on the Global Stage and Celebrities With Arab Roots and placed Lebanese Singer Fairouz on top of all others as the greatest Arab star of all ...