209LebaneseWine.com: An Online Marketplace Dedicated to Lebanese Wines

Lebanese wines have been making headlines all around the world and more and more people are praising the energy and commitment of wine-makers in Lebanon and more importantly the quality of our wines. Back in the early 90s, there were barely four wineries in Lebanon but the number has been increasing ever since and the number has increased to over 50 . What was still missing was an online market place that will make the…

Abolish Article 522 of Lebanon’s Penal Code

Article 522 in the Lebanese Penal Code allows rapists to get away with their crime if they marry the woman they raped. That article was meant to preserve the “honor and dignity of the victim’s family”, which is a utter nonsense and total BS. Few months back, there was a proposal to cancel that law but the bill was referred to Speaker Nabih Berri and there were no updates ever since and I doubt there…

You Need Permission To Take Pictures or Videos in Kfardebian From Now On

I have no idea what the Kfardebian municipality is trying to do to be honest. They have every right to distinguish themselves from Faraya and correct people who tag pictures wrongly but forbidding people to take pictures or videos is quite absurd. According to this memo, you cannot take pictures or videos of touristic sites or ruins in Kfardebian and share them without permission and you cannot hold events or do any sports activities there…

Would You Order a Starbucks Delivery?

I just noticed today that Wizmates is now offering delivery from Starbucks. There's no minimum order amount but the delivery charge is 4,500 LBP. I love the idea that Wizmates is delivering for Starbucks now and I would consider it if we are getting for 3 or 4 people not just for me. What's more important though is to make sure the coffee gets here hot. My friend ordered today and was satisfied with this…

I’m Challenging Techie Dad To Get #FitB4Christmas

1 week ago
I was supposed to do the #FitB4Christmas with a sports drink before Christmas but it didn’t work out, so I thought of challenging my friend and fellow blogger Jimmy to get fit before Christmas. We ...

#Achrafieh2020: Discover Saint Nicolas Street

1 week ago
Achrafieh2020 is organizing one last car-free day this year in Saint Nicolas, Achrafieh. The event will take place on Sunday December 4 from 10 AM till 8 PM and kick off the Christmas festivities. Car-free ...

Chico Records [Beirut] Among The World’s Best Record Shops

1 week ago
Video Chico was established as a record store in the 1960s and has long been considered as a Mecca for vinyl collectors in the region. Chico was recently featured in an article on [TheVinylFactory]. Chico ...

Beirut Duty Free’s La Casa Del Habano Named the Best Cigar Shop in The World?

1 week ago
[Annahar] is claiming the Cigar shop at Beirut’s airport was named the best in the world in The Cigar World book. The author of the book has praised La Casa Del Habano in Beirut as ...