Reunited Guns N’ Roses Are Coming to Dubai Next March, No Stops in #Beirut

The Guns N’ Roses are getting back together after almost 23 years and are coming to Dubai on March 3, 2017 for a live concert at Autism Rocks Arena as part of their "Not in This Lifetime" tour. 30,000 fans are expected to show up. The band will feature Axl Rose , Slash , Duff McKagan , Dizzy Reed , Richard Fortus , Frank Ferrer and Melissa Reese . Izzy Stradlin will not be joining…

Jbeil’s Mystery Piano Man’s Identity Revealed

A beautiful music coming out of a dark spot next to Saint Jean-Marc Cathedral's in Jbeil caught Ralph Aoun's attention and he decided to share a video on Facebook of this mystery piano man who was performing alone in the dark. The video quickly went viral and was later on featured on LBCI's 11:30 News Bulletin by Raneem Bou Khzam who went on to interview the pianist in question and reveal the full story. The…

Last Voice Note from One of Achkout’s Victims Revealed

Joe Maalouf shared a voice recording during his new show "Hawa el 7oriyyeh" of one of Achkout's victims Jean-Paul Hoballah one day before the murder took place. In the recording, Jean-Paul is heard complaining to a friend about his neighbor's irrational and frightening behavior and how he's been threatening them and pointing at his gun occasionally. Jean-Paul also stated that he avoided confronting him at one point out of respect because he was wearing his…

Hands-on the iPhone 7 Plus

Finally, I got my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m usually first to get a newly released device, but this time, there were lots of delays from Apple’s online store on the 7 Plus models. In the box, you’ll find the usual stuff only with a lightning twist: iPhone, power adapter, lightning to USB cable, EarPods with lightning connector and lightning to 3.5mm headphones jack adapter. I'm upgrading from the previous model, the 6…
Source: AFP

A Lebanese Heart Surgeon Treats Refugees For Free Once Per Week

1 week ago
Issam al-Rassi is a Lebanese surgeon and is currently dedicating one day every week to treat Syrian and Palestinian refugees for free. Dr El-Rassi is the Chief of Pediatrics Cardiac Surgery at the Children’s Heart ...

Ton Amie Liliane is Ton Amie Lara Now

1 week ago
We all grew up in Lebanon listening to “Ton Amie Liliane” songs and watching her plays. I was more of a “Captain Majed” fan myself but we barely had a couple of TV stations with ...

BBChi’s Rola Yammout Interview is Even Worse than Her Clip

1 week ago
I was watching BBChi’s first episode on LBC and this show is off to a horrible start. I expected better from Salam El Zaatari and Fouad Yammine especially after CHI.N.N got cancelled but the show ...

A New Political Movement in #Lebanon?

1 week ago
Their billboards are all over, they are using the number “Seven” (or V for Vendetta?), their official color is purple and they are calling for change. They are also sending messages to all political parties ...