Teta Jacko: The Real Independence Hero

Jacko told Bechara el Khoury that the French must leave in the 1940s. Jacko suggested adding the Cedar tree to the flag. Jacko inspired Camille Chamoun to call his party the National Liberal Party. Jacko loved drawing Pr. Charles el Helou. She also taught Emile Lahoud how to swim and used to brush Amine Gemayel's hair lol! Thanks Ziad!

Maxime Chaya Aiming To Be The First To Cycle Across Rubh’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter)

Maxime Chaya is off to a new challenge as he aims to successfully complete the first ever crossing of Rubh’ Al Khali by bicycle. The expedition will be unsupported, but assisted by means of pre-laid caches containing food, water, and essential spares. The Rub' al Khali is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world covering 650,000 square KM. It is part of the larger Arabian Desert. You can follow the live coverage . Photo…

#NotYourAshta Campaign

THE KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality has launched the #NotYourAshta campaign to shed light on the issue of street harassment in Lebanon. The campaign kicked off on November 14 and ends on November 25 – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. #NotYourAshta will serve as a platform for individuals to "share empowering messages and vocalize their resistance against different manifestations of street and sexual harassment". For those who are not…

Abandoned Silk Mill – Kfarmatta

Make sure to follow my adventures on . I've heard a lot of people talk about the Silk Museum, which dates back to 1792, in the Lebanese village of Bsous but few of them mention the abandoned old silk mill that is few minutes away from it in Kfarmatta, Souk el Ghareb. The structure has been abandoned for years now but it's still in a relatively good shape. I couldn't find much information on this…

The Golden Forest – A hike from Dahr El Keif to Azer Forest

1 week ago
When a friend of mine approached me with a Sunday plan for a hike in Akkar, I responded with the typical “Menshouf”, equivalent to “probably not”. All he had to do was show me a ...

6 Months Already

2 weeks ago
When the clock struck 4 am on Tuesday the 22nd of November, it will have been six months since we parted ways. Half a year felt like twenty and I know this applied to the ...

Thoughts on The Security Wall Being Built Around Lebanon’s Largest Palestinian Camp

2 weeks ago
The “security” wall being erected around Ain el Helweh camp has been causing controversy in the past few days. Some are defending the wall while others are comparing it to Israel’s separation call and calling ...

Lebanon’s 73rd Independence Day

2 weeks ago
Here’s a nice roundup of some of the Lebanese ads, videos and posters about Lebanon’s Independence that were shared in the last couple of days. Here’s a couple of cool videos as well by Kababji ...