“Film Kteer Kbeer” To Represent Lebanon At The 2016 Oscars

“Film Kteer Kbeer” or "Very Big Shot", a film directed by Jean Bou Chaaya, was nominated by the Ministry of Culture to represent Lebanon officially at the 89th Academy Awards under the category of the best foreign Motion Picture film in 2017. I haven't seen the movie yet but Mark did watch it though back in February 2016 and loved it. "The film is in Arabic with English subtitles and was really fun to watch,…

In Pictures: Hundreds Protest Peacefully To #SaveKfaraabida

Hundreds joined the event held yesterday at Kfaraabida to protest against the decision to turn the rocky facade into a private yacht club and a huge touristic resort. They came with their boats, enjoyed the crystal clear water, swam with the turtles, jumped off the naturally formed rocks and camped on site. We don't need more private resorts on the beach. We don't need further privatization and pollution. The beach belongs to everyone and it…

Seven Sisters Incident Blown Out of Proportion

I read the Seven Sisters story earlier this morning and to be honest it doesn't add up, but since it has gone viral, here's what I have to say about it: - The guy who claimed he got denied entrance wasn't allowed in the first time because he didn't have a reserved seat and he wasn't exactly told an hour later that "veiled women aren't allowed in" tonight. He asked the bouncer if "Veiled women…
Photo Credits: Executive Magazine
Animals & Wildlife

Keeping Lions, Tigers & Other Big Cats as Exotic Pets Finally Banned in Lebanon

2 weeks ago
Animals Lebanon has been lobbying for years to ban the keeping of big cats such as “lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, and any hybrid combination any of these species that results from ...
Source: Beirutairport.gov.lb

Bird Scaring Devices & Cars To Be Deployed Near Beirut Airport

2 weeks ago
Instead of closing down the hazardous Costa Brava landfill, which is only located 200 meters away from the airport, Lebanese authorities are planning to deploy bird-scaring devices and cars to prevent any collisions at low ...

Lebanese MP Says Women “To Blame” For Being Raped

2 weeks ago
Lebanese MP Elie Marouni doesn’t know much about Lebanon and doesn’t think very highly of women rights in Lebanon. When asked in a recent conference on why Lebanese women are not allowed to pass their ...

This is 7: What Did We Expect From The New iPhone?

2 weeks ago
With the lack of impressive new features in mobile phones, the battle of winning users today lies in advancing and optimizing existing features or even in the case of the iPhone 7 removing ones (headphone ...