A New Movement Is Joining The Beirut Protests: #Badna_BALMAIN_Ya_Man

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A group of Lebanese male fashionistas, also known as instainfluenzee7omneldarebanistas, were outraged after BALMAIN X H&M launched its collection today for ladies only and they decided to start a new movement in protest. An urgent meeting will take place tonight at Martyrs Square to decide on the official hashtag but you can use those for now:


We could not reach any of the ladies who stormed the shop as they are still fighting over few items.

PS: In case you missed what happened earlier today at ABC, enjoy :)


15+ Restaurants & Bars Are Opening Soon In The Village Dbayyeh

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the village

We’ve been hearing for quite some time about a community of pubs and restaurants opening in Dbayyeh and it looks like it’s finally happening. The Village Dbayyeh is opening next week and will include more than 15 pubs and restos which are: Crepaway, Divvy, Nasma, Bodo, BistroBar, Toto, Lina’s, 190, Barcelona, EscoBar, Faze II, Rural, The Bar, The Mayor, The Oak Cocktail Bar and Trumpet.

The venue looks really nice with stone houses, fountains, outdoor public spaces and greenery and I like the variety of places opening there. The Village is ideal for families as there’s plenty of space for kids to play around and for individuals who just want to go out and have a drink in the bar/pub zone.

There’s one thing that I’m not comfortable with though, the amount of traffic that this venue will cause and the lack of parking spaces. The people behind The Village are saying there are two parking lots nearby and there’s of course a Valet Parking service but we all know that things always go wrong when there’s Valet Parking.

The official opening is on November 12 so I will hopefully have more info by next week. If you wish to read more about the Village, click [here].

village1 Via BeirutCocktailFactory

village2 Via BeirutCocktailFactory

ASHEKMAN Gift Snoop Dogg An Arabic Calligraffiti Portrait

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snoop dog Snoop Dogg taking a shot of his portrait

Lebanese street artists and ASHEKMAN founders Omar and Mohamed Kabbani gifted American rapper Snoop Dogg a calligraffiti portrait. The portrait was handed to the West-coast rapper by DJ BASE and will be hung in Snoop Dogg’s main studio in Los Angeles!

ASHEKMAN brothers have been covering Beirut’s walls with amazing graffiti murals since 2001, have come up with a couple of awesome Arabic rap songs and started their own urban fashion line few years ago. They are among the most talented street artists in the region and it’s pretty cool to see their work displayed in Snoop Dogg’s offices in LA.

snoop dog2

Via Gino

14-Year-Old Lebanese Wins Apple’s WWDC 2015 Scholarship

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Jake  el Mir Jake al-Mir is only 14 years old and has developed two apps already – Picture from the DailyStar

Jake al-Mir is a remarkable 14-year old Lebanese high school student that taught himself how to code at age 12. He came up with an app called “Emoji Escape” two years ago and was invited this year by Apple to attend its World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco thanks to his app on speeding and driving “NoSpeed”.

Jake is one of 350 students worldwide to qualify for a paid scholarship to the conference and presumably the only Arab participant at the event but I can’t confirm that. Some are claiming he is also the youngest developer to be awarded Apple’s WWDC 2015 scholarship, which is awesome news!

How does the “NoSpeed” app work?

Jake Al-Mir developed the “NoSpeed” app to tackle the problem of speeding and try to decrease car accidents especially in his home country Lebanon. The app functions even when the mobile phone is locked by sending the driver a notification whenever he exceeds the speed limit, therefore also helping people avoid speeding tickets.

Here are the key functionalities:
• Track the speed of your car and when it surpasses the speed limit it will send you a voice notification to slow down. IT EVEN WORKS WHEN YOUR iPhone IS TURNED OFF (IN BACKGROUND)
• Customize your speedometer with your favorite color
• Track your altitude while driving
• Benefit from the included compass
• Switch between MPH or Km/h mode

It’s a smart idea to send notifications when the phone is locked but I think there are apps that do the same thing already. However Jake’s app is different as it sends a voice notification that plays without the driver’s intervention. Of course I know for a fact that new cars have smart systems that allow drivers to set thresholds and get alerts for almost anything but I don’t know if they are linked to a mobile app. On the other hand, I’m not really sure if we are allowed to use this app in Lebanon. According to the new traffic law, you can’t even hold your phone to check the time so you risk getting fined for checking notifications. A car phone holder could work of course but we have to check if it’s allowed or not.

Nevertheless, Jake is only 14 and is obviously very talented. I studied Computer Science and I don’t even know how to start writing an app while he has two apps on iTunes already!

Thumbs up to Jake for this awesome achievement and I hope we will see him working for Apple one day.

“NoSpeed” is available on the Appstore for $ 0.99.

Non-Lebanese Students Reportedly Harassed & Beaten At A Public School In Beirut

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The UNICEF launched a campaign a month ago to help all Lebanese and non-Lebanese children (aged 4 to 16) attend public schools for free this year and encouraged all children to register. The initiative was obviously a very positive one as “any form of education is better than no education especially for refugee children” and the aim was to provide a safe environment for these children away from the streets but that’s obviously not the case at this public school in Chiah.

The report shown by 7ki Jeliss clearly shows students being harassed by the inspector and forced to kneel along a wall which has a Lebanese flag on it. I don’t think the Lebanese Flag is that relevant here to be honest and I wouldn’t put that much focus on it like Joe Maalouf did, because a person who’s capable of beating any kid is a threat to all of them regardless of their nationalities and should be fired immediately.

The Ministry of Education should investigate this incident ASAP and take strict measures against any school that mistreats non-Lebanese students. We need to educate these children to keep them away from extremism and terrorism, not make them live in fear and anger. If these teachers are not getting paid, they shouldn’t take it out on poor kids.



KOHAR: Celebrating Armenian Heritage Through An Outstanding & Magical Performance

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I’m sure you’ve all noticed how the Forum de Beyrouth was beautifully lit up and transformed in the past few weeks to accommodate KOHAR’s performances. KOHAR originally started as an independent musical and cultural institution by Lebanese-Armenian, Harout Khatchadourian, also known as The Armenian culture patron, and grew to become “an important cornerstone in the unique musical rendition of Armenian alphabet and culture”. KOHAR is famous for its recordings of All Time Armenian Favorites and for their visually and acoustically appealing concerts.


I’m not very familiar with Armenian culture to be honest (except for the food part), and I wasn’t really sure that I would enjoy listening to Armenian songs for 2 hours especially that I don’t understand the language, but a friend of mine got me tickets and insisted that I should attend and that I would love the show and she was absolutely right!

To begin with, I don’t remember the last time I attended an event as organized as this one. I left home early expecting traffic before the Forum De Beyrouth but there were none and we easily went in and parked. Everyone was seated on time, doors were closed at 8:30 as stated on the tickets and the show kicked off right on time. Moreover, the 15-min intermission didn’t last an hour like most concerts in Lebanon and people went back to their seats on time.


Moving on to the concert, the setup was magical, the performances were outstanding, songs were presented with an amazing choreography and visual effects (3D Projections) and there was a great attention to details! Throughout two hours, 165 musicians, 16 solo performers and 15 dancers entertained an enchanted crowd and kept us asking for more. The whole experience was truly one of a kind and is highly recommended for any music lover and you definitely don’t need to understand Armenian to enjoy the show.

The only part where I felt a bit weird was when we were all handed flags of The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and everyone stood and started singing and waving. I obviously couldn’t relate to the song or that part of Armenia’s history, but I did stand up and waved as well :)


All in all, the story behind KOHAR is beautiful and inspiring and the concerts perfectly reflect the devotion and passion of the people behind it. The performances are over this year but I will make sure to spread the word and encourage everyone to go watch KOHAR next year.

KOHAR was founded in 1997 as an independent musical and cultural institution by the Armenian culture patron, Harout Khatchadourian of Lebanon, who along with his brothers, Shahe and Nar Khatchadourian, entirely sustain the activities of KOHAR and all its concerts in tribute to their parents; in memory of their late father Aram and in Honor of their mother KOHAR.

Here are few pictures and a couple of short videos from the show:




#FightImpunity: Reporters Without Borders Renamed Lebanon’s Embassy Street In Paris After Journalist Samir Kassir

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samir kassir

Who killed Samir Kassir? Who Killed Gebran Tueni? More than 10 years have passed and nothing has been done to bring to justice those responsible for these crimes. I’m not even sure if the authorities are still investigating or even following up on these cases. Nevertheless, crimes against journalists should not go unpunished and this is what Reporters Without Borders wanted to remind everyone about today by renaming 12 Parisian streets after journalists who have been murdered, tortured or disappeared. Lebanon’s embassy street was renamed after French-Lebanese Journalist and Historian Samir Kassir who was assassinated on June 2nd 2005.

The list of journalists included France’s Guy-André Kieffer and Mexico’s María Esther Aguilar, Tunisian journalists Sofiane Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari, Radio France Internationale journalists Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, Bahraini Journalist Nazeeha Saad and others. In the past ten years, nearly 800 journalists have been killed in connection with their work. A total of 48 have been killed since the start of 2015.



Week42 : LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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Bekaa Bekaa by Plus961

You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram on [Instagram]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [here] if you like.

Sawfar Villa Donna Maria Sursok built in 1909 – By Fouad_Khallie

Coffee How do u like your coffee? By PamelaChlala

Baskinta Lovely Baskinta – By HaigAdventures

aley Beautiful Aley – by Giorgio

traffic Live Love Traffic (Not Really) – By RiseAboveLebanon

Lebanon Is Officially Going To The 2017 Rugby League World Cup!

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The Lebanese Rugby League National Team defeated South Africa for the second time yesterday (50-12) and has officially qualified to the 2017 Rugby League World Cup which will be held in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea!

This is the second time that Lebanon will play in the World Cup. Congrats to the players and the team!

Here are the names of the Lebanese players:
Daniel Abou-Sleiman, Adham El Zbaidieh, Tarek El Masri, Chris Saab, Travis Robinson, Mark Daoud, James Boustani, Mitchell Mamary, Ali Allouche, Ricahrd Coorey, Elias Sukkar, Nick Kassis, Ahmad Ellaz, James Elias, Wael Harb, Robin Hachache, Ead Kassem

You can check out the match report [here].