Visiting The Grand Aley Hotel, Also Known As Gebaily Hotel

I shared a piece by the Guardian earlier this year on the The Grand Aley Hotel and how it's been for sale since 2008 after the central bank seized the hotel. Update: The owners are currently planning the renovation project and the reopening of the grand hotel. Until then, it is not open for public but prior appointments can be made to visit the site. A good friend of mine, Jad Ghorayeb, visited the hotel…

Yesterday’s Traffic in One Picture

I have no idea who took this picture but it shows how bad traffic was yesterday, and it wasn't just because of the dead body of the poor man that was found in the middle of the Dora highway. In fact, any minor incident that takes place on that road causes traffic and no measures are being taken to facilitate traffic. If anything, the cops are making things worse by fining people on the Jal…

Meet The Lebanese Rambo

Here's an fun interview from 1985 with a Lebanese Rambo look-alike. There is a striking resemblance between him and the real Rambo. I love how he's out there emptying his clips and firing RPGs in broad day light on war-torn buildings.

What’s So Special About These Maku Sandals?

2 weeks ago
A group of three Lebanese have apparently come up with the most comfortable sandals ever with an unmatched quality and versatility. They call them Maku and they are already off to a great start on ...

My Dinner with Lebanese Michelin-Starred Chef Greg Maalouf at Liza in Achrafieh

2 weeks ago
Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of the most easily recognized and beloved food around the world. Highly diverse Mezza options, exceptionally healthy ingredients and cooking methods, as well as the fact that the ...

The National Museum’s Underground Floor Officially Reopened!

2 weeks ago
The National Museum of Beirut’s underground floor has finally risen from the dead after being closed for over 40 years. Rehabilitating the 700 square meters basement was kicked off in 2014 by Lebanon’s Culture Minister ...
Source: Telegraph

Meet Madees Khoury: The only Female Beer Brewer in the Middle East.

2 weeks ago
Taybeh beer is one of the most popular beers in the Middle East and Madees Khoury, who works as a general manager at the Taybeh Brewing Company, is believed to be only the female beer ...