A National Day of Mourning & An Investigation Into the 2014 Events

The DNA tests on Wednesday verified that the remains found near the Lebanese-Syrian border belong to the missing army men and a national day of mourning was declared on Friday. The relatives of the slain servicemen were informed of the results during a close-door meeting by the Lebanese army chief General Joseph Aoun. In the mean time, President Aoun has called on the authorities to open an investigation into the 2014 abduction of Lebanese soldiers…

Free ( & Decent) WIFI at Beirut’s Airport Soon?

It looks like we're finally having proper WIFI at the Beirut Rafic Hariri airport, instead of the crappy 30 minutes WIFI that no one uses right now. I also read that they will be allowing free phone calls for around 3 minutes and a half to passengers. Fast & free WIFI could definitely help amid the ongoing chaos at the airport :P

Nightmarish Traffic on Dahr al Baydar Road

If there's one thing that keeps me from heading to the Beqaa or visiting friends in Zahle, it's the Dahr el Baydar - Bhamdoun traffic on the way back. Last weekend, people got stuck for over 3 hours on their way back to Beirut and in the absence of police officers, scouts ended up organizing traffic. If there's any road that symbolizes the state of lawlessness and the big car jungle that we live in,…

7ello 3an el Yoga!

Yoga is the work of the devil, Yoga can lead to satanic possession, Yoga is evil. If you do yoga, you’re headed for the “Kingdom of Darkness”. Every few months, I see a new article being shared by a local paper about the dangers of Yoga and how there's some conspiracy theory led by Hindus and sponsored by Satan to spread it worldwide. To begin with, not all people are religious and most people practicing…

Chaos at Beirut’s Airport

2 weeks ago
I had a flight today at 8:30AM so I got to the airport at 5:10AM to be on the safe side, especially after seeing what happened last week. Unfortunately, it was chaotic to say the ...

Wissam Kamal The First Lebanese Comedian on Comedy Central Arabia

2 weeks ago
Wissam Kamal is making his debut tonight on Comedy Central Arabia as he is taking part in the channel’s latest show “Ridiculousness Arabia – Season 2”. For those who are not familiar with Comedy Central, ...

A 5-Minute Standing Ovation for “The Insult” at Venice’74

2 weeks ago
Ziad Doueiri’s “The Insult” was showing at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and received an honorable 5-minute standing ovation from the public. The movie made its debut at the Venice film festival last week and ...

Ragheb Alameh Tries to Moon Walk, Slips on Stage

2 weeks ago
Was he trying to moon-walk? Or is this a new move by the Super Star? This reminded me for some reason of his epic butterfly dance back when he was still young. In all cases, ...