They Are Building a Hospital Near Horsh Beirut!

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hospital via Nahnoo

Horsh Beirut was closed to the public for more than 20 years by the Beirut Municipality for fear of vandalism and poor maintenance, and due to the lack of resources to protect the park. As soon as it reopened all week long to the public, a construction site popped up right next to it. Apparently, a new hospital is being built there.

Beirut Governor confirmed the news and said he will hold talks with the NGO Nahnoo regarding that matter.

There’s nothing really to talk about here! Let us leave the damn park alone and expand green areas around it. That’s the only rational thing to do. Instead of building new hospitals, let the municipality invest in renovating and improving the present ones.

FoodBlessed & SMW: An Amazing Volunteer-driven Food Truck Serving Free Meals To Those in Need

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FoodBlessed, a local hunger relief initiative, and SOUPer Meals On Wheels, a first-of-its-kind food truck in Lebanon, were both founded by Lebanese Maya Terro and aim at reducing the number of people going hungry in Lebanon by offering free meals all year long.


I feel bad that I wasn’t aware of this initiative up until now but the work that they’ve been doing is quite incredible and I love how they are trying to tackle several issues at the same time. Their business model is an ideal one for:

– Providing poverty-stricken people with free wholly nutritious meals.
– Reducing food waste
– Enhancing social responsibility among individuals and corporations


They work with strategic partners and restaurants to recover surplus food and have provided over 250,000 free meals over the past 3 years to more than 210,000 needy people all across Lebanon. More importantly, they have rescued 11,000 tons of edible food from waste. I heard that the food truck sells pizza at night to paying customers but I’ve never seen it anywhere. I will try to ask about its whereabouts so that people can go, buy pizza and help out.

There are several ways to help out FoodBlessed & SMW. You can volunteer, become a partner and give away food or simply donate.

AJ+ shared a cool report on the initiative few days ago, check it out:

This is a beautiful initiative. I’m gonna try get in touch with Maya and see how I can help further.

Hayda “Mongolé” He Shouldn’t Work Here

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MBC did a stunt at one of Lebanon’s supermarkets and recorded how people reacted to a customer disrespecting an employee with special needs (both were actors). I loved how EVERYONE stood up for the employee and bashed the customer, and even told the arrogant customer to bag the groceries himself.

Watch the video [here].

PS: I wish people would stop use the term “Mongolé” in Lebanon because it’s demeaning and disrespectful. If you hear a friend or a family member using it, let him know it’s wrong to do so.


Getting Ready for EURO 2016

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euro 2016

Euro 2016 games kick off tomorrow. Football fans are overjoyed while non-football fans will suffer for a whole month. Personally speaking, I’m super excited and want to see Germany lift the trophy after the World Cup two years ago, while my wife couldn’t care less and can’t stand football.

I found this hilarious song about a husband warning his wife not to bother him this whole month and how she responded. Check it out and send it to your husbands/wives or to your football-hating fan friends 🙂

Giving Away LeMall Gift Cards Worth $300 & A Chance To Fly To The U.S

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Summer is here and it’s the best time to start planning your summer trip! If you haven’t done any plans yet, LeMall has kicked off a cool campaign with ‎Wild Discovery‬ and is giving away 3 trips respectively to New York City, Orlando and Los Angeles. The rules are quite simple:

Visit LeMall Sin el Fil from May 20 to July 3, spend 50$ and win 1 of 3 big trips:
– 1 trip for 2 to New York City (Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building)
– 1 trip for 4 to Orlando (Universal Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Disney World)
– 1 trip for 2 to Los Angeles (Universal Studios Hollywood, the Griffith Park, Hollywood Boulevard)

In order to make things more exciting and increase your chances of winning, I am teaming up with LeMall and giving away 3 gift cards worth $100 each. That way, winners will get to shop for their upcoming summer vacation and maybe travel courtesy of Le Mall to these three magical destinations!

The rules are also quite simple:
– You need to follow LeMall & myself on Instagram.
– You need to upload a photo ( or use an existing one) that reflects a vacation mode and tag ‪#‎LeMalltoUSA‬ ‪
– Leave a comment on this blog post with your Instagram account.

Three pictures will be selected based on their originality and creativity. Deadline is June 15th.

PS: Two gift cards will be awarded here (& On Facebook) and the third one on Instagram.

Lebanese Police Cracking Down On Celebratory Gunfire

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The ISF launched a hashtag #بتقبل_تقتل asking online Lebanese users to report people firing guns in the air and endangering innocent people, and they’ve already managed to arrest 3 people in Beirut and Akkar. Of course we are all glad they are arresting people finally but I wish they would have taken preemptive measures before the municipal elections.

Launching hashtags and online campaigns right now will not bring back the innocent people who were killed or injured in the past few months or years even. The authorities have to be very strict about this matter as those who shoot guns in the air are criminals.


sle7 via Sakkir el Dekkene

#BlogWaladi: Baby Brian’s First F1 Experience

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YAZ_2245 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Prior to the F1 showrun that took place a couple of weeks ago, The Red Bull F1 team made two stops in the Cedars and Byblos. Since I couldn’t take Brian to the show run given how noisy and crowded it will be, I thought of taking him to Byblos where a private shoot was taking place the day before.

I know he’s too young to understand what an F1 car is, but it might take years before we see an F1 car in Lebanon and he might not got the chance to sit in a real Formula 1 car so I had to grab that opportunity and capture the moment.

sleep Waking up

I headed to Byblos early in the morning, had breakfast with Brian at eBaladi and walked around in the souks while waiting for the Red Bull team to arrive. I had to make sure his clothes stay clean before the shoot but it was an epic fail. He spilled water on himself and on my man2oushe so I had to change his diaper and pants later on in the car. Trust me if there’s anything worse than cleaning bottles, it’s changing diapers in the car lol!

As soon as Red Bull got there, it took them almost an hour to bring down the car and decide on a shooting spot. Once done, I waited for instructions to take pictures with the car since no one was allowed to get anywhere near the car.


Once we were given the green light, Brian & I got a couple of awesome shots with the car and I was even able to put Brian for a few seconds inside the car. He couldn’t care less of course but I’m sure he will look back one day and appreciate these pictures.

YAZ_2222 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

YAZ_2240 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Next on the list is taking Brian and the wife to attend an F1 Grand Prix.

YAZ_2228 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Special thanks to the Red Bull Lebanon team and Red Bull for making that happen!

Is This The Cheesiest Article Ever? (You Must Read The Translation)

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This is by far the cheesiest article I’ve ever read this year, if not ever. I tried hard to read it with a straight face but I couldn’t stop laughing at every quote.

I wish the couple all the best but I would have never let anyone write something like that for my wedding. You can read the whole thing [here].

If you can’t understand Arabic, my good friend and blogger Rania from translated it for me and it sounds even better in English!

Happiness Still Prevails among the “Lebanon Files” Family

In the presence of many media and political figures, Nathalie tightly gripped the heart of colleague George, placing the latter under arrest for the sweet crime of deliberate and premeditated love.
George did not conceal his doing. In fact, he pleaded guilty to sneaking into Nathalie’s heart and occupying the vast majority of it.
In a public hearing, the final verdict was issued yesterday on George, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Nathalie’s golden heart, with the blessing of a group of family members and relatives and with as a witness the sky of Kfarhbab which was dressed in its brightest colors until after midnight on Sunday night.
The attendees cheered for the justice of love, dancing for a long time to the tunes of the hearts of the newlyweds who then finally lifted the anchor of bachelorhood, for their love to embark on a journey towards the islands of stability, security and holy partnership.
Lebanon Files blesses the marriage of colleague George and his wife Nathalie, and wishes them a long life crowned with joys and happiness.

via Mustapha

Sagesse Honorary President Says They Threw Holy Water On Riyadi Official

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I was actually defending Sagesse against the decision taken by the Lebanese Federation and I was hoping they’d file a proper complaint but this is just crazy. I can’t believe this guy, who happens to be Sagesse’s honorary president, is justifying fans throwing water bottles by saying the water is holy.

What was he thinking? I really hope he was joking.