15 thoughts on “Racism at an AntiRacism Event in Lebanon

  1. Ronman

    Haydeh el bayda mish Ghaniyeh… iza mish bayda bitkoun Sawda fa hon el Racism???, but honestly the weirdly dressed woman is out of her depth and means it in good faith… so it’s not an actual racial slur, perhaps a result in a lack of knowledge on how to deal with multi racial subjects.

    but the guy at the beginning… wohahaha…i suspect it was something new to him. no one told him that if white people procreate in an African or mostly black country that their offspring would qualify for the citizenship… that’s just plain dumb not racism…which i think is an even bigger problem.

  2. Mark

    Ronman even though she lacks knowledge or even though the guy is dumb, those were racist comments deliberate or not. If you and Mustapaha who are two sophisticated people don’t see the racism in the video above what about the rest of the barely educated or older generation Lebanese? Do you see how bad the situation is in Lebanon? Even Mustapha who is half Ghanaian didn’t see the racism and that’s probably because it’s so common that it became a norm to him.

  3. Mustapha

    To clarify, I’m not half Ghanaian, non of my parents are Ghanaian, but my family has been in ghana for 4 generations and we are as Ghanaian as Obama is American.

    I didn’t get the chance to hear the presenter at first (I’m in an office so i can’t raise the volume too much)

    But one needn’t be too sensitive to people calling other people black or white. That in itself is not a racist act (Here in Ghana I’m referred to as “white man” every day. Should I be insulted by this statement of fact?)

    Should we start behaving like Americans and get all wound up in stupid politically correct discourse? (Oh, he’s not black, he’s african American)..

    I say you’re being over sensitive, maybe because you’re not used to living with black people (that statement shouldn’t insult you)..

  4. Ronman

    Mark, I’m as Anti Racist as they come…. but as Mustapha said you have to be a bit flexible.

    I’m not saying the guy’s remark isn’t racist, I’m saying his dumbness makes it one, the woman her ignorance… these two conditions are some of the major causes that lead to racist remarks…

    But not every time someone says black or white it means it’s intentional derogatory racism… what would an African American , or an African man call a white person (sorry Caucasian?) ” Hey, You American Caucasian? African Caucasian?” black and white are easy and true to the fact, however, and unfortunately they have been racially charged over the years…

    Intentional racism should result in severe socio-judicial reprimands, accidental racism should lead to rehabilitation and education for some much needed human enlightenment… but hanging on every word just because it has a racial slur or might have a racial slur is counter productive…

    But the comments in the video show a lack of understanding, civic respect, and all in all dumbness…

    I think Brazil is a beaming light in anti-racial social behavior, but that national racial attitude has been fostering for centuries and is a result of the early Portuguese colonial’s indifference about race as opposed to the colonials up in north America…it takes that long to wipe away prejudice from a society. it won’t happen overnight. you have to be logical and constructive,

    your comments Mark on this, and I’m sorry to say it as I agree with your views on many things, are a bit tight ,loosen them up a tiny bit.

  5. Gianni

    I guess people who live in Lebanon are desensitized towards racism. Mark; you are correct. There is no wiggle room here! It is a blatantly racist remark. The rest of “justifications or pontifications” hold no water.

  6. Ronman

    Gianni, you can’t be obtuse about this and stick to a hard-line. There is no wiggle room you’re right, but I’m not saying there should be wiggle room when it comes to flagging racism, but rather look at the cause as well when discussing it…

    you treat the cause not the symptoms, racism in Lebanon is a symptom in many cases, this is no justification at all, but rather a statement that says there is a problem, it should be solved, and just pulling the racist card out all the time does not help, understand why it happens and work on that…they don’t think they are making a mistake, point it out each time one does…

    Maybe I’m not making myself clear enough in short; There are more pressing racism issues than the use of Black or White I think…

  7. Mark

    Ronman the racist card should be pulled out when there is a racist situation like in the video above. Saying some racism is ok while other racism isn’t doesn’t solve a problem it just makes things worse.

  8. Gianni


    Obtuse? I think you did not read the post carefully. It is not about educating…Mark is alluding to a racist comment. Pulling a racist card? Are you guys so sensitive that you can not see the forest for the trees?

    Your conclusion illustrates that you are clueless. You can not use the language (white…black) and think that it is a minor (more pressing issues..)issue. It is so typical of Lebanese. There no such thing as half pregnant dude.

  9. Devin

    Racism is ignorance and fear not only hate…ignorance and dumb people will breed hate and racism…Not acceptable.

  10. Ronman

    Devin, thank you for putting it in so many words…spot on…

    I had a long reply posted, but then i re thought my line.

    Mark, there is a racial instance in the video, I am not saying there isn’t but i wouldn’t jump the gun and label the woman especially racist just because she said, “fe we7de bayda”…..however i think she needs a lesson in respect because she singled her out for being Lebanese and said bravo without adding much praise for the rest, perhaps she did and we didn’t see it in the video, so we can’t ultimately judge a person on one word, it might have been a slip up etc. etc.

    the guy on the other hand seems stupid to me, and as Devin said and i mentioned earlier that stupidity breeds racism…perhaps if someone told him, or he was raised in an environment that has not dealt with African, he wouldn’t have made such a blunt racial remark, it is a racist remark, but is the guy racial? you don’t know so you can’t judge…

    AS for Gianni, aren’t you Lebanese? if not please enlighten us on how your nation’s people have worked to eradicate racism….

  11. Gianni


    I do not want to go back and forth…I am a citizen of this world. If you believe in freedom of rights and equality irrespective of race, creed, religion or sex…then you would not need to eradicate anything. Believing that we are all equals would answer your question. It is not nation specific. Maybe I am Irish Lebanese (for example) and still do not have a racist thought.

  12. Ronman

    we’re rocking the same boat dude, we’re arguing technicalities…i get your point, i guess you got mine…


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