8 thoughts on “Sheikh Al-Assir at the Real Madrid – Galatasaray Champions League Game

    1. Gianni


      You are talking about a nation of terrorists!!…BTW Asir is caricature compared to the suave terrorists in Lebanon’s “leadership”. I will not mention names.

  1. Walid

    Guys Do you know Lebanon24 for who , cause i see they have a big Twitter and Facebook Campaign, seems they got a big Budget.

  2. K

    The person who wrote this is Assir’s son btw. And he’s definitely wrong: Real Madrid fans (aside from him and very few others) most certainly do not salute Assir.

  3. Roma

    MMM, it’s interesting how one puts a country in trouble and chaos and then leaves to have a nice time like he has nothing on mind, sahih ma hadan merte77!


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