Sidon (Saida) synagogue opens for prayers

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Prayers were said for the first time in decades in Sidon’s main synagogue Monday, as two rabbis visited what is now the house of Palestinian refugees and other Jewish sites in the city, drawing the surprise of locals. Rabbis Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Alter Vaskhkal from the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta International movement toured the city years after the last of Sidon’s known Lebanese Jews left, entering what was once a synagogue in the former Jewish neighborhood of the old city. [DailyStar]

Even though I am from a village close to Saida and I know the city pretty well, I didn’t know there was a synagogue there. I did some research and there’s apparently four synagogues in Lebanon, one in Beirut being renovated, one in Sidon and one in Aley. I couldn’t find any reference to the fourth one.

Beirut’s synagogue is located in Wadi abou Jamil quarter and its renovation, funded majorly by the tiny Jewish community of Lebanon and also by Solidere has begun in 2010. [Link]

For those interested, I found some really old pictures of Synagogues and Jewish neighborhoods that you can check [Here]. There’s also a YouTube video on the jews of Lebanon that you can watch [Here].

I think it’s really important that we preserve such monuments despite our ever-lasting conflict with the so-called Jewish state.

10 thoughts on “Sidon (Saida) synagogue opens for prayers

  1. Fadi

    Those Jews who are still in Lebanon are as much Lebanese and maybe more than many people who call themselves Lebanese today. Unlike many recently and possibly illegally neutralized Lebanese citizens.
    Celebrate Lebanese Diversity and embrace our differences.

    1. smart & sexy

      You have problem with Israel?
      Must be kidding me!

      What about Hisvullah the Terrorist organisation don’t you have problem with them???

  2. P

    The best thing that will ever happen to Lebanon is when we stop following our stupid political parties and our “Za3ims,” and we make peace with Israel and open our borders. And as Fadi above me clearly said, some Jewish-Lebanese are more Lebanese than those naturalized, and I think everyone knows who I am talking about.
    Just my 8 cents.
    Hope someday we open our eyes and see how others have moved on from following a person for over twenty years as if he were a King. Hahaha, we Lebanese are funny.

  3. Fouad Elfanj

    There’s a synagogue in tripoli Lebanon in al Kanaas street . Near khan al askar beside the christian Orthodox Church and also a Jewish cemetery in al Zaharias about 500 meters from the synagogue . The last Jewish left tripoli and run away to Israel back in 1966 before 1967 war.
    It was Mizrahi family , David Mizrahi he borrowed
    Millions of Lebanese pounds equal to few millions
    Of dollars and David Mizrahi and his run away to Cyprus and from there to Israel ..


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