Ten Athletes to represent Lebanon at the 2012 London Olympics

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The London 2012 Olympics are in two weeks and it’s time to meet the athletes that will proudly represent Lebanon in four different disciplines. I couldn’t find an official list anywhere and the Olympics website is not yet updated with the official number of participating athletes, however I was able to extract a preliminary list from LOrientLejour:

– Antoine Chartier, President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee
– Tony Khoury, VP
– Izzat Koraytem, Secretary General
– Ziad Richa, Head of the Delegation
– Sélim el-Hage-Nicolas, President of the Lebanese table tennis federation
– Georges Zeidan, President of the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation
– Mohammad Makki, President of the Lebanese Gymnastics Federation
– Francois Saadé, President of the Lebanese Judo Federation
– Samar Younes, Administrative Assistant for the delegation.
– Hassan Mehieddine, Press

– Ziad Choueyri, President of the Federation
– Fady Tannous, Member
– Imad Nahas, Member
– Amjad Badawi, Trainer
– Mona Shaito, Athlete
– Zein Shaito, Athlete

Taekwondo :
– Bassem Aad, Personal Trainer
– Cosette Basbous, Assistant Coach
– Luigina Abi-Samra, Physiotherapist
– Andréa Paoli, Athlete (- 57 kg).

Table Tennis:
– Raffi Moumjoghlian, Trainer & VP of the Federation
– Tvine Moumjoghlian, Athlete.

– Noureddine el-Kouch, Member of the Federation
– Élie Saadé, Trainer & Member of the Federation
– Vahé Ibrahamian, Trainer
– Greta Taslakian, Athlete
– Ahmad Hazer, Athlete

– Adnane Amil, member of the Federation
– Élie Boutros, Trainer
– Katia Bachrouche, Athlete (800 m)
– Waël Kobrosli , Athlete (100 m).

– Roberto Scalzoni, Trainer
– Roger Kasparian, Trainer
– Ray Bassil, Athlete.

– Joseph Tchik, Trainer
– Karen Chammas, Athlete (- 63 kg).

Lebanon has participated 15 times in the Olympic games and won 4 medals overall, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze but never a Gold.

Good luck to our athletes!

Update:LOrient Le jour published yesterday the full Lebanese delegation list. I will update the post accordingly. Thank you Fouad

10 thoughts on “Ten Athletes to represent Lebanon at the 2012 London Olympics

  1. Fouad

    Aren’t you forgetting Ray Bassil (don’t know how to say “Tir” in English :()? I think she’s part of the Lebanese delegation to the Olympics, and a good chance for a medal.

  2. Fouad

    Hi again,
    Got hold of an article in “L’Orient-le Jour” of 11.07.12:
    There are 10 athletes.In addition to the 6 you have mentionned and Ray Bassil, we have Greta Taslakian and Ahmad Hazer (Tracks), and Waeel Kobrosli (swimming), in addition to 26 coaches, managers, head of federations…
    Some of the athletes’ coaches travel at their own expenses…

  3. Fouad

    Hi again,
    Got hold of an article published yesterday in L’Orient-le Jour. In addition to the 6 athletes you have mentionned and Ray Bassil, we also have Waeel Kobrosli (swimming), Greta Taslakian and Ahmad Hazer (Tracks). There are also 26 persons to accompany them (coaches, assistants, heads of federations…). Some of the coaches are traveling at their own expenses…

  4. Ali

    The officials will just go have fun and dine on the account of the Lebanese government. Tooo much officials!!!

  5. Samar

    Good luck Lebanon! This is a proud moment for all of us with Lebanese Heritage. I will be watching & cheering for you. We should all hold our heads proud to see Lebanon represented in the Olympics.

  6. juan elias ahualli

    Soy hijo de inmigrantes libaneses. Estoy orgulloso de la tierra de mis padres. Les deseo muchos exitos.


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