What can one buy for 30$ from Librairie Antoine?

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I found in my wallet the other day a 52,000 LL voucher from Librairie Antoine that I had forgotten about. I passed by Librairie Antoine at ABC Dbayyeh to see if it’s still valid since it dated back from March and luckily I was told their vouchers never expire.

I had no clue what to buy since it’s been ages since I’ve gotten any books and prices were relatively high for any interesting book I checked, until I spotted L’eleve Ducobu comic books.

I bought two new publications for 51,000LL and was not reimbursed a 1000 LL because their accounting system requires that you buy with the same exact amount of the voucher or more. I didn’t argue though as I was in a hurry.

I read both issues the same night and they were as funny as always. Added to that, I just found out they released “L’eleve Ducobu” the movie two months ago.

6 thoughts on “What can one buy for 30$ from Librairie Antoine?

  1. Choura2yak

    It has been a long long long time i didn’t read any book other than CRM technical books. Today after reading this post, i felt how much i miss holding a small book in hands and reading for like half an hour before sleeping 🙂 i think i will pass and get a book that talks about “Solar energy” … I’m a Go Green Fan … i hope i could implement this technique here in our Great Country 🙂

  2. Patrick

    Librarie Antoine has a great selection of books (the best in Lebanon, in my opinion).

    They usually have anything I want, if it’s Stephen Hawking’s new book or a novel I’m looking for. Wish we had one in Kuwait.

  3. Fouad

    At the annual bookfair “braderie”, which is held end of May at the French University of Medecine, Books and BD are heavily discounted. You can spot volumes starting LL1,000. I buy dozens of books, that last me for 1 year, for less than LL100,000,


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